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Dessert Crawl

I once did a beer crawl some time ago to see what it would be like. The funny thing is that I don’t really drink and I don’t like the taste of beer. I find most beer taste the same and the only thing I know is that Canadian beer is better than American beer. So I thought to myself, if I was going to do a crawl let’s do something I like a dessert crawl….but I thought who would go for that? I knew I like sweet things, I like to go to different places to eat and why not make that I crawl but would anyone want to do it? As luck would have it, a member told me he once went on one and he had a great time! This got me thinking that I could do one too for sure!

You might be asking what is a dessert crawl? Hmmmmmm Well! It’s where you pick area in the city that has a lot of the same types of places that kind of serves the same kind of stuff……like dessert!!!! I have picked the Danforth because it has many places where you can try many different desserts, at many different price points and can fit most budgets. Just like beer, there are many different types but we will be eating dessert! Plus all that walking will burn all those calories…right!!!!!!

Down below will be a list of places that we will stop at and what the focus will be. They are guide line so we can try everything from Ice-cream, cake, cheesecake, baklava, Gelato, Frozen yogurt and much more. You can share with the group or go it alone but either way you will have a lot of fun!

After that we will end at a trashy dinner and have some trashy home cook food…if you can or just coffee……LOL


We start at Donlands and end at Broadview. Most of the places are from Donlands till Chester. After we will walk keep walking to Broadview where we can stop in at New York Cafe & Restaurant...It's run down a little but lost of fun.

Places We Will Stop at...They are not in Order but each spot we will focus on something different. Some places we will not able to sit.

1) Atthena Bakery - Cookies and baklava...Great time to take something home.

2) Basken Robbins - Ice Cream

3) Yogurty's - Frozen Yogurt

4) Demetre - Cheese Cake/Cake

5) Dolce Gelato - Gelato

6) Crema Coffee Co -Coffee and Tea

7) We can stop in other places too.

8) Minute Cafe - Handcrafted cakes and Cheese Cakes

9) Marshmallow Factory - Marshmallow creations and other delights!!

10) End at New York Cafe & Restaurant - Drinks food?

Some Guide lines:

I would encourage everyone to try everything.. maybe get something small or spit it. This will take more then a few hours.

Meetup Details

Meetup Location:Right outside Donlands Subway station and Iwill be wearing my Moose Hat. I will only wait 5mins.

How much should I bring: $50ish

Meetup Fee: $2

Non Members: $3

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