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Mindfulness, Hypnotic Meditations & the Mystical Journey
Join us Tuesdays at 7 pm for an evening that will focus on a facet of the Mystical Journey. All evenings will feature guided journeys in mindful awareness — as well as a deep hypnotic meditation designed to assist you on your healing journey towards Awakening. Each evening will be part of a carefully crafted teaching program — based on the Great Knowledge passed down by the ancient Masters of Alchemy. And which are designed to lead you on a profound inner journey that will help you grow your Being and raise the level of your vibrations. So that you may become a conduit that links heaven and earth and be of higher service to this Holy Planet in Her hour of need. All evenings will be lead by Allan Clews, who has been on the Mystical Path since 1981. Allan's training ranges from Esoteric Christianity, through Sufism, Buddhism and Hinduism. In addition to being a Master of Mindfulness, he has also been a professional hypnotherapist and healer since 1989. Allan is also a member of a local, Toronto-based, mystical church — that uses the spirit-plant-medicine, ayahuasca, as a sacred religious sacrament to open into higher, divine states of consciousness. Advanced training can be provided to those who wish to take part in one of these religious ceremonies. Suggested free-will donation: $15

Allan Clews

873 Broadview Avenue Lower Level · East York, Toronto, ON

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Hypnosis and Mindfulness

A moment ago your breathing was being completely monitored by your subconscious mind. But now that these words have helped you to become Mindful of your body breathing, your conscious mind has united with your subconscious. And they have entered into a state of harmony where the two are beginning to work together as one.

This harmonization or unification of our conscious and subconscious awareness lies at the heart of all acts of Mindfulness and creativity.

However, sometimes we are little too fractured, deep down at the subconscious level, to harness the energy required to maintain a Mindful state. And so in order to rise up and awaken, in order to be truly creative, we first have to also heal some of our ancient wounds.

Please note Allan also runs the TORONTO MINDFULNESS WALKS meetup group that meets the first and third Sundays of each month (weather permitting and until it gets really cold). To join click on the following link. (

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