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The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method (LSP) is a facilitated thinking, communication and problem solving technique that successfully helps organisations, teams and individuals. It can be used to develop strategy, understand change initiatives or support individual coaching activity. The key to its success is focused on the ability of individuals to go beyond a linear exploration as the 3D creation, encourages “thinking with your fingers”, visual stimulus and releases conversation where personal blocks may currently exist.

Anyone interested in understanding more about this approach to facilitation, or just wants to explore their potential should join.

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Curiosity & Disruptive Change

Centre for Social Innovation - Annex


‘Curiosity & Disruptive Change’ focuses on curiosity as the strongest motivation and most useful aptitude for navigating and instigating disruptive change. The kind of change we will all be experiencing, continuously, in the coming decades. Objectives: Learn what curiosity is. Learn what disruption is. Learn why curiosity is so important in disruptive situations. Learn how curiosity can be impeded or encouraged. Learn how to apply curiosity to disruption. Approach: Myth, fairy tales, problem solving, perceptual challenges, crafts & play, current affairs… any or all are possible approaches we might take. We'll include the use of Lego® Serious Play®. Prepare for a little disruption… We’ll create situations which will instigate your curiosity, and we’ll analyze and reflect on our experiences. Then we’ll get real, and see how curiosity needs to be applied to your current situation. *Note this is a paid event

Lego® Serious Play® Refresher and Self Reflection

Centre for Social Innovation - Annex

This Lego® Serious Play® session will refresh you on the basics of LSP and give you an opportunity to use Lego as a self reflection tool; an opportunity for personal discovery and working through your own challenges and tools. Agenda: 5pm - Welcomes & networking 5.30pm - Lego® Serious Play® session 6.30pm - Reflections, close and final networking Feel free to bring your own refreshments

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Lego® Serious Play® and Coaching

Centre for Social Innovation - Annex

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