• Toronto Machine Learning 'Micro-Summit' Series (TMLS) - ML in Healthcare 2019

    We've planned another event we hope you can join! Tickets include 12 speakers, food & drink. If the cost are too much- shoot us a message and we'll help out. This time we're highlighting Machine Learning in Healthcare. Topics include: Katherine Tattum - VP Implementations - Swift Medical - Incorporating an ML Feature into a Clinical Mobile Application Christopher Steel - Senior Director, AI/ML IQVIAReal World ML -From Model Development to Operationalization Roxana-Maria Barbu - Cognitive Scientist/UX Researcher, Macadamian -The Role of K-means in Capturing Language Deficiencies Otherwise Missed - Sam Cooper - CEO, Co-Founder - Phenomic AI* Combining Wet-lab Automation, Cancer in a Dish & Deep Learning for Drug Discovery Shazia Akbar - Postdoctoral Fellow, Sunnybrook Health Sciences & Vector Institute - Integrating Deep Learning in Breast Pathology Muhammad Mamdani - Director, St. Michael's Hospital Li Ka Shing Centre -Applied AI in Healthcare: Lessons from an Urban Teaching Hospital Andrew Brereton - Scientist & Drug Design Team Lead, Cyclica - Pareto-Optimal Embedded Modeling (POEM): Discarding Information to Predict Drug Properties Kiret Dhindsa - Postdoctoral Fellow, McMaster University & Vector Institute - Personalizing Brain-Computer Interfaces with Flexible Machine Learning Jekaterina Novikova - Director of ML, WinterLight Labs - Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning in Alzheimer’s Detection Farnush Farhadi - Data Scientist, The Hospital for Sick Children - Molecular Interpretation of Genome-wide Association Studies Using Multiomics Analysis Trevor Champagne - Dermatologist , Women's College Hospital - Beyond the "diagnose your melanoma" App Approach: ML in Dermatology Ahmed Nasir - Leading Innovation, Trillium Health Partners - Preparing Your Healthcare Institution for ML: How To Setup The Necessary Infrastructure & Processes 12 speakers in total, food and drink included: You can register a spot here (Only 500 tickets available - still some left! http://bit.ly/TMLS-SLACK (edited) **Also- if you're registered and would like to advertise a job post, let us know and we'll include it in the email that goes out

  • Toronto Machine Learning 'Micro-Summit' Series (TMLS) - Insurance & Telecom 2019

    Following up on our Micro-Summit Series, the TMLS team has organized another evening conference, with a special focus on Machine Learning in Insurance & Telecom. 12 speakers will explore applications of Machine Learning from both the business and technical areas of expertise. Attendees will have opportunities to meet with both academic researchers and industrial parties active in the Insurance & Telecomm sectors in order to gain new perspectives from each other's scope of work. See Full abstracts here: http://bit.ly/TMLS-meetup PLEASE NOTE YOUR SPOT IS NOT RESERVED UNTIL YOU'VE REGISTERED HERE: http://bit.ly/TMLS-meetup As always, our goal is to reunite our community of Practitioners, Researchers and Business Leaders. Included in the evening will be drinks, food, and networking. Spots are limited, and 32$ for all access. Tickets will allow for the drop-in across 3 parallel tracks; 1. Case Studies and Applied ML 2. The Business of ML 3. ML Research Please be aware, tickets will be limited, please reserve today! We will also have a "Community Mic" open session to kick off the event. TMLS is an initiative to accelerate the growth of ML/AI in Toronto. We have gathered the top insights, expertise from our community of over 6,000 Toronto-based professionals to create a bi-monthly Toronto Machine Learning Series (TMLS). The goal is to showcase Canada’s research accomplishments while offering innovative solutions to real business problems faced by ML and AI practitioners. What to expect at Toronto Machine Learning 'Micro-Summit' Series (TMLS) - Insurance & Telecomm 2019; Business Leaders, including C-level executives and non-tech leaders, will explore immediate opportunities, and define clear next steps for building their business advantage around their data. Practitioners will dissect technical approaches, case studies, tools, and techniques to explore challenges within Natural Language Processing, Neural Nets, Reinforcement Learning, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), Evolution Strategies, AutoML and more. Researchers will have the opportunity to share with their peer's cutting-edge advancements in the field. Machine Learning in Canada; Machine learning, deep learning, and AI are some of the fastest growing and most exciting areas for knowledge workers - simultaneously, they are the key to untapped revenue sources and strategic insights for businesses. Firms are using AI to create unprecedented business advantages that are reshaping the global - but more specifically Canadian - economic landscape. Practitioners are leveraging and expanding their expertise to become high-impact global leaders. Despite the vast opportunities that lie within our data, there are also explicit challenges to revealing their potential. Furthermore, transitioning to a career in practicing AL/ML, or managing ML and AI-driven businesses, are less than straightforward. Seminar series content will be practical, non-sponsored, and tailored to our local ecosystem. TMLS is not a sales pitch - It's a connection to a deep community that is committed to advancing ML/AI and to create and deliver value and exciting careers for Canadian Businesses and Individuals. We're committed to helping you get the most out of the TMLS. Joining together under one roof will be: Machine Learning/deep learning PhDs and researchers C-level business leaders Industry experts Enterprise innovation labs seeking to grow their teams Community and university machine learning groups TMLS tickets give access to the entire portfolio of: Workshops Real case studies Keynote addresses High-level and granular discussions Ample networking opportunities Tailored post-event gatherings Community follow-ups through a social channel. We’re very excited to see you there! -The TMLS Team www.torontomachinelearning.com

  • Toronto Machine Learning Summit and Expo

    The Carlu Concert Hall

    Hello! We'd like to invite members of the Toronto Machine Learning Meetup to 2-days of quality networking, food, drinks, workshops, breakouts, keynotes and exhibitions at our 2018 Toronto Machine Learning Summit and Expo. Taken from the real-life experiences of our community, the Steering Committee has selected the top applications, achievements and knowledge-areas to highlight across 2 days, and 2 nights, this November 20th and 21st. Come expand your network with machine learning experts and furthering your own personal & professional development in this exciting and rewarding field! (Please be aware you'll have to visit this site to officially register: https://goo.gl/BKqTW1) Included will be: Hands-on Workshops (Full bonus day) Breakouts and Keynotes on-site 70+ Speakers AI Career Fair with top 80 AI Start-ups and 800 job-seekers. Women in Data Science Ceremony Vector Institute's Poster Session Awards Curated enterprise networking

  • Let's celebrate

    Location visible to members

    Hello, Whether you bought a ticket to the Toronto Machine Learning Summit or not, you're invited to join us at the Friday evening post-event party at Dominion Pub and Kitchen. We'll have 2 rooms rented for attendees and meetup members, with drink specials and food items to order. Please keep in mind there will be no formal talks or presentations, this is just a social networking event. Space will be limited to 100 members. Hope to see you there! Dave

  • Come visit at Toronto Machine Learning Summit (TMLS)

    Needs a location

    Hello Folks! Based on the needs of our community we've created a 2 day event for you, bringing together 1. practitioners 2. enthusiasts and 3. businesses The content will be practical, non-sponsored and tailored to help your advance your skills and connect you with people to grow your business. Joining under one roof will be: • Practitioners/enthusiasts • ML PhD/deep learning researchers • C-level business leaders • Industry experts • Various university machine learning groups • Enterprise innovation Labs (Looking to build teams) C-level executives (including non-tech leaders) will explore practical, immediate opportunities, and clear next steps. Practitioners will get help in learning how to start and grow your career, technical approaches, tools, languages and techniques to explore NLP, neural nets, Reinforcement learning, Generative adversarial networks (GANs), Evolution strategies, AutoML and much more! Each ticket will give access to all: • Help getting into ML • Workshops Real case studies • Honorable keynotes • both high-level and granular discussions • Ample Networking opportunities • Community follow-ups through a social channel, and tailored post-event gatherings. * Keep in mind this is not an official reservation- You'll need to reserve your ticket here https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/toronto-machine-learning-summit-tmls-tickets-34636658177?aff=es2 You can send a messge to [masked] with any questions, requests to speak, or sponsorship opportunities. Hope to see you there!

  • Come to the next Machine Learning Event

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    Hello Folks, We're hosting another Machine Learning event, at the Center For Social Innovation (CSI) Spadina Ave. The event is sponsored by Pax Cultura Studios and Amazon Web Services. As always, there will be ML experts exploring both technical and real business cases that use machine learning. The setting will be casual, with food, drink and socializing. There will be some Q+A and chances to meet and discuss with the speakers afterwards. See you this Thursday!

  • Building Data-Driven Smart Apps

    Pivotal Labs

    In this Meetup, we explore what it means to build intelligent apps + products driven by data science knowhow and machine learning techniques. Our two speakers for the evening have a lot of first-hand experience to share on the importance of product design and business/consumer impact. • Xavier Snelgrove (https://www.linkedin.com/in/xavier-snelgrove-89a2a036) is CTO and cofounder of Whirlscape (http://minuum.com/) based in Toronto, ON. Xavier will discuss how Whirlscape applies deep learning to conversational text to predict rich content like Emoji and GIFs, including the challenges of optimizing their algorithms to run in real-time on consumer mobile devices. He'll also talk about the connection to product design, and the challenges of building an interface around a probabilistic algorithm. • Woo J. Jung (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jae-woo-jung-4361628) is a Principal Data Scientist at Pivotal Labs (http://pivotal.io/labs) based in Palo Alto, CA. Woo is passionate about the adoption & usability of advanced analytics tools in the Big & Fast Data ecosystem. In his talk, Woo will walk through a selection of real world data science use cases, focusing on approach, methodology, tools, and business impact. Woo will discuss how the Data Science Team at Pivotal Labs collaborates with clients from a wide range of industries (retail, media, telco, and energy) to identify, prioritize, build out, and operationalize analytics opportunities. This will include a discussion of the team's experience in building data-driven smart apps. About Whirlscape (http://minuum.com/): Whirlscape is a consumer technology company based in Toronto that works at the interface of human-computer interaction and machine learning. Whirlscape is the creator of the popular Minuum keyboard, which uses powerful language modelling to allow sloppy typing in highly constrained situations. More recently Whirlscape has been building Dango, an assistant for Android that analyzes the semantic content from the text you write and uses it to help you select relevant emoji, stickers, and GIFs. About Pivotal Labs (NASDAQ: PVTL) (http://pivotal.io/labs): Pivotal Labs is an agile software development consulting firm headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The company actively engages enterprises to solve real problems and launch market-tested, innovative products that have the power to transform the world. Pivotal Labs promotes Lean and XP software develpment, which includes pair programming, test-driven development + behavior driven development and are the people behind the popular agile project management software Pivotal Tracker. Through a long-standing commitment to open source technologies, Pivotal includes among its success stories clients such as Groupon, Best Buy, Mavenlink, Netflix, Southwest Airlines, Twitter, and Zendesk. Our special thanks to Pivotal Labs (http://pivotal.io/labs) Toronto office for hosting our event. Look forward to seeing everyone on Wed Apr 20th.

  • Intelligent Segmentation in Marketplaces

    We're ramping up the Toronto Machine Learning Meetup for 2016! In this Meetup, we will explore the application of unsupervised and supervised learning towards segmentation on both the supply and demand side of marketplaces. The evening will feature two talks, an underlying theme in both is the human element as critical to effective machine learning: • Ashish Bansal (https://www.linkedin.com/in/bansalashish) is Head of Data Sciences at Gale Partners (http://www.galepartners.com/). Ashish will discuss how to make Unsupervised learning actionable and profitable using clustering + PCA combined with domain experts to create actionable marketing plans for customers. He will cover some of the extensions to k-means clustering and feature engineering tweaks with their application to Marketing Automation. • Arthur Prévot (https://www.linkedin.com/in/arthurprevot) is a ‎Data Analyst at Shopify (https://www.shopify.ca/). Arthur will be speaking on what it really means to partition and categorize a network of merchants when distinctions between groups are not so clear cut. A tale of ETL, Feature Engineering, Classification, Mechanical Turks, and Gradient Ascent towards maximum GMV. About Gale Partners (http://www.galepartners.com/): GALE is a full-service digital marketing agency that brings together strategy, creativity, and technology to deliver powerful brand experiences. Using business expertise, analytics, and consumer insights as a framework, GALE develops innovative creative that resonates with consumers, while driving business results for brands. About Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) (https://www.shopify.ca/): Shopify Inc. provides a cloud-based and multi-channel commerce platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Its platform provides merchants with a single view of their business and customers in various sales channels, including Web and mobile storefronts, social media storefronts, mobile apps, and physical retail locations; and enables them to manage products and inventory, process orders and payments, ship orders, build customer relationships, and leverage analytics and reporting. Many thanks to Shopify (https://www.shopify.ca/) for hosting our event. Look forward to seeing everyone on Tues March 1st.

  • Machine Learning - Stories from Startups

    Paytm Labs

    For this month, we have 3 presenters who have stories with real-world tales of ML in the wild: Vahid Zadeh is Lead Algorithms Scientist @PUSH a Toronto-based sport technology startup helping athletes train smarter with real data in real time. Vahid will be speaking on the kinds of algorithms that can be applied to motion control of sensors / manipulators for enhancing atheletic performance. http://www.trainwithpush.com Richard Hydomako is Senior Data Scientist @GallopLabs a Toronto-based marketing automation company. Richard will give a short talk on the fun things you can do with hash functions. http://www.gallop.io Larkin Liu is Visiting Scientist @PaytmLabs, a Toronto-based company specializing in ML platform development. Larkin will give a short talk on text-mining algorithms and their application to fraud detection. http://www.paytmlabs.com Come on down for an enchanting evening of ML talks, pizza, "enhanced" refreshments + good company. Good times.