What we're about

This is a series of weekly practice and training sessions for people who have already invested in NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner training and are ready to commit to a regular practice with other practitioners. (Think skills & drills, but for NLP instead of hockey.)

If it's dawning on you that your training is getting a bit fuzzy...
Or an alarm is telling your it's time to deepen your rapport with your unconscious mind...
Perhaps it feels like it's time to really get hold of the skills...
Or maybe you sense you could better understand the steps, processes and sequences of the procedures...

Deeper experience with the skills can realize whatever it was that you imagined when you took NLP in the first place. Will you rather do it now or later?

The details of your level of training, experience (or inexperience), when you took it, or where or who you took it with are not important. If you've trained in NLP and you'd like to practice with other people this group is for you, please bring your binder and come join us.

(Note: There will be intro meetups for people who is are not trained in NLP, and are interested. If that's you, please message me and I'll keep you informed.)

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GoalCrafting (or "Why Bother?")

Current place: Centre for Social Innovation (CSI)


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