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Attend A Free New Pain, Rehab, Posture, Core, Mobility Wellness Event!
THIS NEW FITWELLNESS EVENT OCCURS EVERY TUESDAY - CALL EARLY TO RESERVE/CONFIRM YOUR PLACE. Limit is 5! (ATTEND & RECEIVE A FREE MINI MYOFASCIAL MASSAGE BALL!) Reshape your Body, Mind & Spirit quickly on Tuesdays 7 pm - 8 pm at Starbucks, 861 York Mills Rd. Meetup Event is with Eldon Wingay RMT, founder of Neuroflex Balancing Activation SpeedStrength Fitwellness Bodywork & Neuro Flowfit Activation Low Intensity Functional Training. GET PAIN FREE, SpeedStrength BALANCING ASSESSMENTS & RESULTS FOR YOU IN MINUTES! RSVP/CALL/TEXT ME 2 TIMES FOR YOUR FREE MEETUP CONSULT APPOINTMENT WITH "Your Name, Get PAIN FREE, DATE" at[masked]. 1. Right Now. Limit is 5 PEOPLE. 2. THE LAST/SECOND RSVP CALL IS ON MONDAY BY 7 PM, 24 HOURS BEFORE THE TUESDAY NIGHT MEETUP. This RESERVES your spot & reminds both YOU & ME of your appointment. Thank YOU! Stay Strong, Live Long, Be NBA Balanced! Eldon Wingay, RMT, NBA, NFA


861 York Mills Rd · Toronto, ON

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What Is The Purpose Of This Group? Who should join & Why?

The purpose of this Group is to change people’s Lifestyles through a Revolutionary Corrective Bodywork & Movement Method & develop innovative ideas that will improve the quality of your life. The purpose is go beyond just Physical development & empower also YOUR Personal Development thru activating PHYSICAL Intelligence awareness. Your Personal Creative, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Strengthening Transformations can be developed from your pain free, aligned, balanced, centered physical intelligence, Structural Strength & Movement. (The Toronto Pain, Health, Wellness, Fitness & Nutrition Power Meetup Group also includes the "Entrepreneur$ Marketing $mart!" & "Musicpaysyou Social Media Connects, Empowers & Enriche$ YOU" Meetup Groups)

This meetup is effective for the General Population from children to seniors for Mobilizing Lifestyle Health & Preserving Energy by increasing physical intelligence & alkaline nutritional literacy. We will also be testing products for their nutrition power along the Alkaline balancing approach to the body. It is also good for those who are Athletes, Runners, Yoga/Pilates Practitioners, Personal Trainers, Exercise Instructors, Dancers & Martial/Movement/Performance Artists for FAST BodyMind Energy Transformation for Enhancing Performance & Preventing Injuries.

People may attend this meetup because they’re feeling pain, stuck with their health, fitness, nutrition, relationships, career/ finances, purpose or creativity. By using the Neuroflex Balancing Activation - Energy Fusion Movement BodyMind Energy Method & alkaline body balancing approach to nutrition, YOU can accomplish YOUR GOALS & LIFESTYLE VISIONS Faster & Easier.

We work with people who have Health, Wellness, Fitness, Nutrition & Movement Consciousness Concerns such as Pain, Stress, Tension, Injury Rehab, Bad Posture, Inefficient Movement, Reshaping Their Bodies, Lack of Energy, Flexibility, Confidence, Non Useful Limiting Beliefs or Endurance to be Strong, Strength & those who want to improve & get better.

Significant positive physical changes do not have to take weeks or months of work, therapy, courses or coaching as in many current conventional physical approaches.


NBA is a Revolutionary SpeedStrength method that delivers rapid & powerful high level results & saves you time by compressing time frames with its efficient Body Work & hybrid Body movement. Neuro Flowfit Activation (NFA) -Primal Chi Kung Yoga is for increasing your LIfestyle energy, mobility, strength & aligning your physiology without sweating, pumping up, bootcamps, gyms or machines.

We will be doing FREE alkaline-acid testing at this Meetup for you to discover your internal ph state & also testing products for their strength effectiveness on people's body balance & if people are interested suggested personal detox massage recommendations. If people are interested they are welcome to bring their current nutritional products to test their personal strength effectiveness for them. We can help you Live FREE, Chemical FREE & Financially FREE.

This NBA-NFA SpeedStrength method was created by Eldon Wingay, RMT, NBA, NFA & is also called Neuro Balancing & Neuro Flowfitness. The NBA~NFA SpeedStrength method is a "Corrective Body & Movement Work Solution" for Personal Creative, Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Development.

The outcomes for YOU who join & participate in this Meetup Group are that YOU will have access to FREE Pain & Nutritional Assessments, Treatment Plans & Will Be Helped To Be PAIN-FREE, Feel Great & Be Fitter FASTER & EASIER! YOU will be transformed at the meetup!

Join us with a RSVP YES, fill out the profile questions, introduce yourself a little, put up your picture & come on out & get moving with our NBA Bodywork NFA Movement Meetup!


Thank you. Best regards.

Eldon WIngay, RMT, NBA ;

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