First Meetup Quantum Information


Hi, all!

To all interested in Quantum Information, and those with a general interest too! We could meet in the last week of October, specifically Oct 30, the last Wednesday of October. Its been an exciting ride for Quantum Computing and still its still early days - there are challenges galore!

Lots to do, expect the unexpected, and lots of room for play! Theres play room for Mathematicians, AI professionals, Physicists, developers, cryptographers, artists too! As you can see many disciplines, all in superposition!

Lets get together and do - collapse the wavefunction (of superpositioned disciplines) and measure!

First Event:

At the first event - a sort of meta meetup, designed to give a roadmap for the future, and also a chance to get to know all, and what the interests of all are - this is a meetup for meeting!


To get a feel for the next steps, which could include:

1) Readings, Nielsen Chuang, Problems, or Kay LaFlamme, or any other!
2) Projects, depending upon participants level of understanding.
3) Sharing experiences, Quantum Information wise, and any readings of papers participants may find interesting.
4) Any other, Quantum Information aspect that we would like to brought to light!

As can be seen the content is a little technical, but not too much, though we expect to explore, and measure!