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The Most Sought After Bartering Items During a Crisis

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Most survivalists tend to think in terms of the immediate items that they’ll need in the event of a disaster. This includes things like water, food, ways to make fire, first aid items, etc. These are obviously items that you’ll want to start off with; however, have you ever considered acquiring and/or stockpiling items that may be in high demand in the event of a crisis?

The real power in your personal long-term survival goals will come from the items you have that everyone needs. They’ll be worth their weight in gold. Chances are you haven’t thought of everything but if you have a few items intended specifically for bartering then you’ll be much better off than most people.

Che, Organizer of The Ontario Prepper Survival Network (, is going to share his personal list of over 30 items that he's acquired specifically for bartering purposes! We’re also going to explore what other ‘popular’ preppers throughout the community are doing in terms of their bartering efforts.

The irony is that some of these items are very easy to acquire (now) but may not be if a disaster occurs. Some of them are relatively cheap as well. Others will take some ingenuity and perhaps some basic skills – but will make you the most popular person for blocks.

Having bartering items can turn someone that is surviving into someone that is thriving in the event of a disaster.

The question of how we’ll get to a stage within society where we’ll be able to barter is a whole discussion in itself. That’s why we're going to open up the discussion to allow the group to share their thoughts on items they may acquire for bartering, the safest way to go about bartering (such a thing?), and a debate on what everyone feels may be the most popular items for bartering.