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Stock up on Long Shelf Life Foods (LDS Canning Day)

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Whether you're into survivalism, prepping or self-reliance - food is a critical area of knowledge that you must have.

This is going to be a fun event!

This event is going to be a day of canning goods for your long-term food storage. The LDS cannery has some of the best prices (in most cases the best prices) on long shelf life foods and they're open to the public by appointment only. I've scheduled this date for TSG members. Everyone can purchase whatever food items they want. We will be placing an oxygen absorber within No. 10 cans and canning the goods on site.

This is a great opportunity to buy long shelf-life food items that are properly sealed (by you) for very cheap prices. If you're looking spend $10 or $100 on food at this event it's your call. All the money goes to the LDS. Come out and experience the processes involved even if you buy just one can of black beans for $4.55. Everyone will have the opportunity to see the product before committing to anything.

For a look at the food items available and pricing check out this .pdf file:

Note that the No. 10 column is what we'll be doing, however, everyone is welcome to buy in bulk as well. I advise that everyone print out the above form and have it filled out and ready. They only accept cash and there is no tax.

Some more details about Canning & the Event:

1) Canning food is economical. You'll save money here compared to anywhere else in southern Ontario.

2) Canning food is healthy. Because you're the one canning you'll know exactly what you're putting in the No. 10 can.

3) Canning in No. 10 cans are convenient. Compared to bulk mylar bags and pails, No. 10 cans are easy to stack and move around. They're also durable.

4) Using No. 10 cans has benefits over other long-term storage methods (I'll be going through this on the 27th).

5) Canning is specifically for the long-term. Compared to other sources and bulk sources of food - you don't have to do anything else when you leave this event. The food you package will be ready to set aside for long-term storage.

6) We have access to a canning machine!

7) Prices include a No. 10 can and oxygen absorber.

Che, Organizer of The Ontario Prepper Survival Network ( will be hosting this event.

There will be a waiting list as I appreciate matters come up a couple days ahead of time. Cancelling (by changing your RSVP to "No") is required to open up your spot to someone waiting.