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Snake Crane Wing Chun Class
Class is forming again for the spring in the park. Weather is good now for us to go out again. Come and enjoy a free trail class this Saturday with us, enjoy the sunshine in the park. Snake Crane Wing Chun is having its root traced back to Red Painted Face Sun Kam, he passed the style to Law Ten Wen, eventually passed the style to his son Law Ten Chow. And to my uncle Law Chiu Wing. Sifu Jason Yuen learned from Master Law Chiu Wing for over fifteen years and have been teaching for six years. The style is different from what you see from outside wing chun. Please contact Jason at[masked] or email at [masked] for more details.

MIliken Park

4325 McCowan Road · Scarborough, ON

What we're about

The easiest way to make Taiwanese friends in a safe, free & friendly environment



This group would be ideal for

(a) Locals of Taiwanese descent.

(b) Newcomers or Visitors from Taiwan.

(c) People who like to know more Mandarin speakers (either English speakers or native Mandarin speakers themselves).

(d) Anyone interested in Taiwanese or Chinese culture, or simply like to make some friends here.

(e) People who stayed in Taiwan before or consider to travel/teach English there in the future.

(f) Anyone interested in attending events or gatherings of this group.

Taiwan is among the top-20 largest economies ( in the world [17][18], and a multi-party democracy ( with universal suffrage. The high-tech ( industry of Taiwan has been playing a key role in the global economy and technological advances for decades. She is also ranked highly ( in terms of freedom of the press, health care [19], public education, economic freedom, and human development [e][12][20], to name a few. (Adapted from Wikipedia--under construction.)

Taiwan is Asia's best kept secret for travel, higher education, medical service, and English teaching. It is also a source of talents and quality products with good price-performance ratios. However, Taiwanese and descendants are a relatively small community as compared to other Asian groups in Toronto. Meeting other fellow Taiwanese is not so common, and the channels are limited. Through this group, we are facilitating a new platform for Taiwanese to meet each other in Toronto, as well as for Torontonians who like to know Taiwanese friends or cultures to blend in. As a bonus, we'll foster the Taiwanese community in Toronto and Canada, collaborate with other Taiwanese organizations/associations, and promote the awareness and presence of Taiwan in Toronto and worldwide.

Lots of students from Taiwan are conducting their graduate study overseas, especially in North America and the Great Britain. Recently due to the convenience of Taiwanese passport and working holidays as well as some government or academic policies, more and more young Taiwanese are having their adventures overseas on a short-term basis. We welcome these young Taiwanese most enthusiastically, and hopefully our group can assist these new friends from hometown to adapt to Canadian life and enjoy their stay better.

** 愛台北·全球網 ** Bridging the Taiwanese Community to the World **

iTaipei 愛台北

International Taiwanese Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Investors

If you live in a different city or country, but visit Toronto for whatever reasons, welcome to join our open & free events and begin to build up your Taiwanese circle here in Toronto

If you are a member of this group and like to have a welcoming meetup/party for you while visiting Taipei, let me know and I'll be happy to facilitate one for you, for FREE with pleasure;)

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* Welcome to join the above groups even if you are in Toronto and won't be back any time soon;)

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