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Private Location

near Yonge-Davisville TTC Station · Toronto, ON

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Location is given 24-12 hrs before event

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PLEASEEEEEEE... once you have the coordinates DO NOT send me messages through the Meetup system. It has become quite clear that their email system has problems. I get your notices hours later and it causes problems. You will have my text number, please use it to let me know if you are going to be late. I may also ask confirmation of receiving the coordinates to make sure you got them.
Also, the TTC is notorious for shutdowns on weekends, try to be on time.

SPECIAL mention: I CAN'T EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH: if you go on the Waitlist, you will automatically be bumped on the RSVP list when someone cancels. Please check your status. Also, I am now putting the cut off time at 11 AM before the group meetup. Always check here to make sure everything is still a go before you head over.

Saturday, July 20, 2019, at 1:00 PM, we're offering our group massage experience, where we can also have great fun with a very sensual intimate group sharing.

I look forward to meeting some of our new members as well as those who have participated in the past.

The massage-get-together is held at a private venue near Yonge and Davisville TTC Station (less than 10 minutes from the TTC). Yonge and Davisville TTC is just a few stops north of the Yonge/Bloor main TTC hub.

As this is a private venue, the location will only be given to those who register their attendance (RSVP). There is also limited capacity, so it is first-come-first-serve... and due to the limited capacity, I can only accommodate between 12 to 15 people. I strongly suggest that you register your attendance early to get a spot, and to please be punctual. Please give some time after your RSVP and receive the location. If you find out you cannot attend, cancel your RSVP so that someone else can attend.

Especially important: if you RSVP, please show up ON TIME (approx 5-minute delay I can understand but after that, I shut off the phone), and please cancel your RSVP if you find out you cannot attend (I cannot do this for you). It helps others who may be on the waiting list to then participate.

Make certain you are as freshly showered/clean as possible. Personal hygiene is important, as this is an intimate erotic group experience - I can't stress this enough!!!!

*** If you RSVP, then don't show up, no notice, or cancellation and don't let me know, you are banned from the group that day. There have been increases in this uncouth behavior and I have let it slide, again and there is no reason to not let me know, you all get my contact info - just text!

IMPORTANT # 1 - : fingernails should be very clean and recently trimmed. Remove bangles, bracelets, chains, watches etc for the group. I am certain you can understand the reasoning for this. Also, please avoid leaving the group early. It can be disruptive. No colognes or such, and please try to have fresh breath.

IMPORTANT # 2 - : please make certain you are at the right building AND correct apartment, as in the address you will receive after you RSVP. There is also no need to mention that you are here for the massage group when I answer the buzz, your name is sufficient.

LASTLY: this is a massage exchange, not "you get a massage and leave"! If you only want to be massaged, or do not want to massage anyone or want to massage just one certain person only, may I suggest that this is not the group for you?!

PLEASE do not ring me up 30 to 45 minutes before the event.

Cost is $20.00. Kindly bring your own water bottle and a towel to wipe any excess lotion from the body afterward (there are extra towels in case you forget your own).

Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday afternoon, July 20, 2019, at 1:00 PM. - groups are about 1.5 hr or so approx. in duration.

Again, limited capacity, please register early. You will receive the address and location shortly after you RSVP. There is no need to email me in a panic because you RSVP'd five minutes ago and haven't gotten it yet - you will get the location approx. 24 to 12 hrs before).