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Engaging Users with Live Tiles and Notifications


The Windows 8 UI exposes many interesting ways to communicate with the user, with the most exciting used when your application is not even active. Windows 8 apps reintroduce the concept we first saw in Windows Phone called "Live Tiles and Notifications". Using live tiles and notifications an application can present information to the user even when it is not running, drawing the user's attention to your app. In this session we will see the key concepts of live tiles and notifications in Windows 8 applications.

The speaker is Mark MacDonnell, a "Diamond Program" Software Developer, SELA Canada.

About Mark:

Mark is one of SELA Canada Win8/WP8 experts.

When he was a new graduate, Mark was selected by Sela Canada ( for its Diamond Developer program and threw himself into learning. Since joining Sela Canada, he has taken an interest in, and developed a focus on, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 app development. Along with this, Mark has been focusing on mobile development, as well as Open Data and its benefits for developers.

Mark is a confirmed geek, and he’s okay with that. Unsurprisingly he has an interest in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and most anything else that involves aliens, lizards or bugs, and the occasional explosion.

Blog: http://markmacdonnell.wordpress... (
Twitter: @MacDonnellMark

I would like to thank our sponsor for this event:

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We will serve hot pizza at 5:45pm.

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