Tobermory and Bruce Peninsula Photography Workshop

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Tobermory is located at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula National Park. Known for it’s crystal-clear waters, rugged cliffs and jagged shoreline, Tobermory is an excellent location for inspirational photography.

This workshop is for photographers of all skill level. Located at the northern tip of Bruce Peninsula National Park, Tobermory really is a hidden gem and provides endless opportunities for photographers.

We keep our workshop groups small, so what you’ll receive is hands-on, one-on-one photography instruction.

If you’re just a beginner, don’t worry, we’ll cover the basics of camera control such as f-stops, shutter speed and ISO – and how different combinations of these create different results. Over the course of the weekend we’ll discuss composition, the rules to know, and the rules to break for creating engaging and powerful images. You’ll experience first-hand the creative process of a professional photographer, from image conception to the final digital result.

Photo critique is a big part of the process. We’ll have an ipad on hand to review and critique your images. This gives you an opportunity for immediate feedback which is critical in the learning process. We’ll also show you how to post processing your images. In digital photography the image capture is just the beginning, the real fun is creating your images in post production.

By the end of the workshop you’ll have a solid foundation of photography and an understanding of what all those little knobs and dials do on your camera. You’ll know how to scout a location, pick the best spot, compose your photo, and get that amazing result. You’ll be a superstar at post-processing your images and impress your friends with your photos.