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Responsive Images & The Importance of a CDN

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Hello everyone,

Let's talk performance again!

We'll kick off the New Year by focusing on a topic that sparked a lot of interest after viewing the results of our feedback form: Responsive Web Design and Web Performance, more specifically "Responsive Images".

I am pleased to announce that David Newton will be the speaker for our January meetup covering the front-end piece.

Topic: Responsive Images

Dave will be speaking about the web’s hunger for more, bigger, and higher-resolution images, and the performance problem this creates. He’ll describe some different responsive image solutions, both current and proposed, and give an update on the process to standardize these. Finally, he’ll offer tips on how developers can implement responsive images now, to improve the performance of their sites.

About the speaker:

David Newton [1] is a full-stack web developer, currently working in a research program at St. Michael’s Hospital, who strongly believes in making web content accessible and usable. This goal has made Dave passionate about web standards, responsive design, progressive enhancement, accessibility guidelines, and web performance. Since October 2012 he has been a member of the W3C’s Responsive Images Community Group [2], and is a co-editor of their Use Cases and Requirements for Standardizing Responsive Images [3].




On the back-end side of things, we will have Blake, the co-organizer giving his insights on CDNs. I also heard he'll be giving out some swags.

Topic: The Importance of a CDN

Content Delivery Networks are a way to bring your content closer to users. This talk will demonstrate some of the performance gains you may have by using a CDN for your website.

We'll go through a live demonstration of setting up the Fastly CDN (for free!) so that you can go back and do the same for your website and test the performance gains offered by a CDN.

A primer on HTTP cache control headers, and the importance of ensuring that these headers are being properly set will round off the talk.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in 2014!



Our friends at EventMobi will be hosting again, so be prepared for a great and generous evening.

243 College St, 3rd Floor · Toronto, ON
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