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If God would do a miracle for your life today, what would it be?

1. What's the purpose of this group?
This group is a prayer chain, connected with intercessory prayers from a distance by members. Intercessory prayer is to ask God in the name of Jesus Christ to act on behalf of someone else. God is at work, even if we pray for one another at home or at work or even on the street. Even though you may live geographically far from me, I can pray for you.

We don’t gather physically regularly. As a pastor and follower of Jesus, I (Jay) would love to pray for you in my place. Many times, I have witnessed miraculous power of the Holy Spirit upon my prayers. I will ask God to guide you, heal you and renew you. I’m sure I’ll pray for you as frequently as I can everyday.

2. Who should join?
Those living in GTA who appreciate the power of prayer. Those who want to be healed. Those who are in the midst of struggle – loss, brokenness, suffering, isolation, illness, addiction, hopelessness, sins, and etc. Those who want wisdom, inner peace, or stronger faith. And, those who want to pray for others with Jesus’ love, at home or wherever.

To protect individual privacy, we will soon run our Meetup as a private group.

3. What will you do at our events?

God is at work in you. God wants you healed. At the same time, God wants us seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, as Jesus taught us. Once that truth is lodged in your heart, your next step is to make a point of contact. This "point of contact" is the moment you begin to release your faith for your healing. After finding out God's will, you make your petition: "Thank God, I believe I receive my healing. I'm healed in the name of Jesus." Whatever you ask in Jesus' name will be given by the Father God (John 15:16).

A point of contact is made in two ways. One way is through prayer. Another way is through the laying on of hands. Instead of laying on of hands due to geographical distance, I ( Jay)will pray for you in my place upon your prayer requests. I will pray for you in my daily prayers. Prayer will be offered for nothing, of course. Join this group first, and just leave your prayer request on Message or send an email to me. Anonymity will be fine.

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