What we're about

The reason for me to take over this group, otherwise it would be closed, is that it is great to have a ladies' group for entrepreneurs. Being entrepreneurs, we have some moments where we want to share our dreams, experiences, and excitements with people who have similar mindsets and enjoy doing different activities together.

My dream for this group is to build a strong community of women entrepreneurs who are willing to help each other. While we enjoy having meals, drinks, hiking, paddleboarding or travelling, we will simultaneously grow our businesses.

We will support each other's businesses by buying and selling from each other and offering business opportunities/referrals to members. Also, through networking, you may meet your future business partners or team members.

To build a blissful and robust community, members should demonstrate their professionalism, reliability, consideration, compassion and passion for helping others and sharing experience and knowledge.

With your support, we will have one business-related gathering and one leisure activity. Members can post their ideas to the discussion section, and we can decide what we should do together.

We encourage members to offer different business opportunities, collaboration and suggestions for different activity ideas.

With more members participating in organizing events, we will know more about what our members want and not only the organizer's voice. This is our community, and I encourage you to join our organizing team.

I can't wait to hearing from you and meeting you soon.


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