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If you are a professional women or student or somewhere in between who needs support, social circle, community, activites, friends, tools to empower you so you can be uplifted from everything life has thrown at you from little things to big turmoils (abuse, violence, breakups, seperation, loss, trauma, divorce, sexual abuse/assault, family problems, family violence, issues related to gender identity, relationship issues, difficulty/abuse at work or college, death) then this meetup is for you. Even if you have faced abuse in your life, you can come out of it. Life is short and its hard to do stuff alone.

**This is a personal development, personal growth meetup, its not a business card exchange/speed networking/professional networking meetup. Infact business cards are not allowed in this meetup or sharing where you work is also not allowed. By doing this, we can concentrate on healing rather than going in other tangents**

**Going through Abuse & Violence alone is hard. Sharing what you are going through with other survivors/people going through the same thing can help you give clarity or atleast some relief and warmth to find a solution. You can even share your story anonymously here**

In this meetup we will have activites where we will socialize, have fun, do things together like soul healing events, energizing events, power women social-influence to persuasion, movies, festivals, eat & chat meetups, fairs, bringing our dogs, concerts etc and also have gatherings over dinner or snacks to just talk, chat for checking in to see how things are with all of us and how we all can be there and support each other. Kindness, compassion, love, appreciation, empathy, understanding seem easy but hard to find in this tough world where most people are selfish. Through this group we will have real interactions where we can hear, care, value and appreciate each other.

In unity we will share, care, bounce ideas, support, encourage and be there for one another.

**This is a Womens Only meetup**

This meetup is only for women who have gone through either extensive abuse, violence, trauma, seperation, loss, death, break up, divorce, family violence, very difficult relationship-bf/hubby, abortion, very difficult family situations, relationship issues, issues related to gender identity, difficulty at work or school or anything else of similar nature that is traumatic etc. Sorry but this meetup might not fit very recent new comers or people aggressively looking to network to get jobs. This meetup might not be suitable for pregnant women or recently married women, wanting to discuss how wonderful rosy their life is. This meetup is for survivors of extreme violence & abuse so you might feel out of place or not benefit from it. There are many meetups & other support groups for pregnant women and happily married women- they might be a better match for you then this meetup. The government has a lot of fabulous resources for new comers so kindly look into that. This meetup is for social & support purpose for women who have faced very difficult situations only(mentioned above).

We will do this by our social and fun gatherings and events. Are you ready to come out and build real connections for social, support or internal healing? Life is short and you can still achieve your goals and leave the past behind and look forward to a great future! Are you ready for a fresh start?

*********!GROUND RULES FOR THIS MEETUP!*********
-CONFIDENTIALITY: Everything that is said in this group meetups, stays in the group. Confidentiality is essential
-NON JUDGEMENTAL: This is a non judgemental group. We are all unique beautiful individuals with our own journeys. We dont judge each other rather give a helping hand, empathy, support, compassion to others
-Be Nice, Social & Professional in all your communication.
-ONLY ADULTS: Only women who are 18 years or older with stable housing can be a part of this group.
-NO OTHER MEETUP GROUP ORGANIZERS ALLOWED: If you are an Organizer of another group, let the organizer of this group know that. Hidding it just directs at you being here to steal ideas, and we know it. Copying this groups ideas or events could lead to appropriate action againt you. You will be removed for not letting the organizer know by personal meetup messege that you are organizer of another group before attending any event. If you are an organizer attending an event, remember that you are not an organizer of this group, so dont try to dictate or be over critical or control, if you behave in this manner then you will be asked to leave & will be removed immediately.
-SHARING AIR TIME: Air time during the meetup must be shared fairly. One person cannot speak for long time. Everyone must get opportunity to share their opinion and speak.
-NO COMPLAINERS: Complaining about the meetup process or anything about this meetup, will lead to that member being removed. If you cant abide to the rules, you will be removed.
-ORGANIZER'S RESERVES RIGHT TO REMOVE AN UNAPPROPRIATE MEMBER IMMEDIATELY: Know that, The organizer of this group reserves the right to not allow a person to be a part of this group or attend any event if these rules are not followed or for any other reason. You can be removed for any reason in the world by the organizer.
-If you make the organizer or any person in the group uncomfortable, then you will be removed
-24 HOUR NOTICE POLICY FOR unRSVPing: If you RSVP & change your RSVP status to "No" 2 times -same day of the event then you will be removed. If you know you cant make it, make sure to change your status atleast the 24 HOURS/ a day before inorder to keep your membership. If this rule is not followed unfortunately, you will be removed.
-Only RSVP "yes" if you are certain you will be there. If you change your RSVP from a "yes" to a "no" within 24 hours, or DO NOT SHOW UP after RSVPing "Yes", and if this happens 2 times, you will be removed from the group immediately.

-NO SHOW REMOVAL POLICY: If you RSVP & not show up for 2-3 events, you will be removed

-RSVP MUST BE DONE 1 DAY BEFORE THE EVENT TO GET LOCATION OR ATTEND: RSVP needs to be done atleast a day before the event. You might not be able to attend if you dont do that. Organizer might approve you to attend on their own discreation.

-SCHEDULE/INSTRUCTIONS/RULES GIVEN BY THE ORGANIZER MUST BE FOLLOWED DURING THE MEETUPS: All meetups have a set schedule and a special theme, it needs to be followed strictly. You cannot go off chit chatting being unconsiderate to other people and program. You have to follow the instructions and schedule layed out by the organizer so we all can benefit from empowering each other.

-ALCOHOL/ADDICTIVES/SUBSTANCES/NON VEGETARIAN FOOD/SEXUAL LANGUAGE/GAMBLING IS PROHIBITED: The organizer works hard to making these events happen on their own time. If you cannot appreciate all the effort put in by the organizer or follow their instructions, you will be asked to leave & removed. Alcohol is not allowed in any of our meetups.

-If you come to the meetup drunk or high on any substance then you will be removed. Depressents and addictive things like alcohol, drugs, gambling is prohibited in this meetup and if you talk connected to promoting these things then you will be removed.

-NOT A BUSINESS CARD EXCHANGE/GETTING A JOB FROM HERE MEETUP: With all due respect to new comers to Canada-the government & many non profits have lots of programs to help you, where our hard earned money goes through paying taxes. Please utilize these government programs & help for new comers & unemployed people. This meetup is not a business card exchange meetup or tryiing to get a job from here meetup. So, please respect that. This meetup is to empower each other, using socializing, supporting, caring, empathizing, showing compassion as a medium to uplift each other from whatever we are going through. And not trying to ask for help for job or contacts for job.

-BUSINESS CARDS ARE NOT ALLOWED: Business cards cannot be exchanged in this meetup. Please join another meetup if you are here to build your rolodex or find job.
-Please be careful about sharing very confidential personal information. This group or the organizer/organizers of the group dont take any responsibility or liability for anything. You share anything & take part in activities on your own risk. This group or organizer is not liable for anything.
-You can mention the function of your job (eg-nurse, waiter, manager, student) but its suggested not to share company of your employment, so we can focus on what we are here for. Rather than diverting to other things
-After going through traumatic experiences, abuse, violence, harrasment, torture, we go in our shell in fear, stress, anxiety, trauma. Its hard to share anything with anyone as we feel people will harm us or we are going through internal struggles. Dont worry, you can still come to share your story or anything you want anonymously. This might help you heal.
-WELLNESS & PEACE: This group is to strengthen & support each other so we can get wellness and peace. The adverse situation could be abuse or violence or rape or assault, breakup from gf/bf or very difficult family situation or difficulty we are going through. Be here only if you can be sensitive to others & also share your story.
-The Organizer, spends their precious time, skills, money organizing the event, coordinating, facilitating, communicating back & forth to respond to members and set up the whole event. Thats a lot of work. Its done so you can have the event to enjoy. Also, find low budget events whenever its possible for your benefit. Be appreciative, respectful and polite in your comunication with the organizer. If the organizer feels you are speaking in an undignified, offensive, sarcastic, rude or disrespectful way then you will be removed from this meetup.
-PERSONAL QUESTIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED: Dont ask these questions- age, salary, bonus, sexual orientation, married/single/partnered, if they have children. These are very personal questions, people might be going through divorse, difficult relationship or may be are unable to have kids and people might be sensitive to it so please keep away from these topics and talk about very general things-movies/music/theatre/tv/gym, shopping etc or mainly the topic of the event. If you dont follow these rules, you will be removed.

-Dress conservatively and not provocatively.
-No abuse, sarcasm, verbal or physical abuse, bad language or violence would be tolerated. Rudeness, Arrogance , yelling or bad behavior will also not be tolerated

-Kindly check in with the organizer as soon as you reach at meetup location
-ONLY PERSONAL MEETUP MESSEGE TO COMMUNICATE: You can communicate with the organizer only by sending a personal meetup messege.
-NO MEN ALLOWED: No men are allowed unless you got special permission from organizer
-NO RANDOM WALK IN'S ALLOWED: Only people who RSVP will be allowed, no random walk-ins
-NO RECORDING: No recording of any meetup is allowed. Its against the law to record anyone without their permission
-MEMBER MUST RSVP TO ATTEND & GET LOCATION: Inorder to attend any event, members must register/RSVP. After you RSVP, you will get the location of the event a day before the meetup. All our meetups are usually at a very convenient next to subway location.
-The members should bring their most sensitive, social, humble, kind, compassionate, empathetic, caring self to our meetups. We are here to give each other a social, caring safe community and empower each other.

-A member must RSVP/register inorder to get location for event. The exact location is usually sent a day before the event. This process MUST be followed to attend the event. If you just walk in to the event- without RSVP, you will not be allowed. This process is followed for planning purpose, a lot of sensitve information is shared, womens only group so to establish safety & security.
-If a member or attendee of meetup is argumentative, confrontational they will be removed. Also if a member is disrespectful, unappreciative of all the time & effort in organizing the meetup or do not follow the rules or is extremely negative person or speaks negative about the rules or wastes time in meetup with irrelevant things, they will be removed.
If an attendee or member is arrogant or offensive to anyone, they will be removed.
-Members must communicate with the organizer through personal meetup messeges.
-NO TOUCHING WITHOUT CONSENT IS ALLOWED: No touching is allowed without consent. Please ask someone before you touch them/hug them.

-All inactive members for 2-3 will be removed from this meetup group. Join our meetup in at least one event in a 2-3 month period to maintain your group status.
-FEELING/EMOTIONS/SELF DOUBTS/THOUGHTS/STRESSES/SUBCONCIOUS ARE TALKED ABOUT IN THIS MEETUP: In this meetup we mostly talk about our feelings, emotions, self doubts, thoughts, stresses, subconcious. If you are not comfortable sharing these things or hearing these things, then this might not be the right meetup for you and you might not be allowed and you wont be able to participate in group activites.

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