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This is a group for all those who love yoga and getting to know themselves better. Welcome to our series of monthly Yoga & Talk sessions centered around self-growth and all matters of being human. Let a certified yoga instructor lead you through a carefully designed yoga practice and a psychotherapist facilitate an in-depth discussion of a chosen topic in a professionally designed session to create mindfulness, facilitate discovery and integration.

When & Where? First Saturday of every month 10:00am - 12:30pm in a gorgeous & bright yoga studio in the heart of Toronto. Urban Nirvana Toronto @ 895 Yonge St, Toronto, On M4W 2H2. TTC: Rosedale

How does it work? Each session is an optimal use of the 2.5 hours as you are led through a mindful yoga practice to gently open your body up to the subject matter of the session followed by an inspirational talk and subject discussion. The topics of discussions are different each session. They range from stress management and productivity to self-discovery and transformative soul level shifts.

Our Intention. Our intention in each session is to facilitate an “aha!” moment – the moment of becoming aware of something new about yourself. Knowing that “aha!” usually leads to the “so what?” moment, we place a great emphasis on the action that follows the awareness. Our intention is to leave you with a discovery and an actionable tool which helps you DO something with the discovery. We are set out to facilitate your personal transformation and growth that leads to self-love, self-trust, fulfillment.

Who comes to these? People from various paths and walks of life come to the sessions, anyone who has ever wondered if they can be a better human being; people who are curious about themselves, others and life as a whole; people who want to see what yoga is all about and those who want to add a psychological and spiritual layer to their regular yoga practice.

Each session is hosted by a certified yoga instructor and a trained psychotherapist and life-coach with a slew of guest facilitators who bring different perspectives, expanding your toolbox and widening the connections. Optimal You is one of the ways to be a part of a supportive, open and talented community of like-minded individuals.

Price & Registrations Each Optimal You session is $30 with an encouragement discount of $25/session if you sign up for two or more. To reserve your spot email OptimalYouSessions@gmail.com or message us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/OptimalYou/. Due to high demand and limited group size your spot is confirmed once the payment is received. Full refund if cancelled 2-weeks in advance.

Sessions are transferable to other people.

We accepts various methods of payment: • Email money transfer to OptimalYouSessions@gmail.com • PayPal at paypal.me/OptimalYOU • All major credit cards accepted

Session format Bring your favourite yoga mat and comfortable clothing for the yoga movements. For the discussion part of the session we remain seated on the yoga mats, you might want to bring a layer of clothing to keep you cozy and maybe even a cushion for your tushie. Come 15 minutes in advance to arrive and settle in. We start right on time as the sessions are packed with goodies and we don’t want to miss a beat. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle, curiosity and that open mind of yours.

What kinds of topics are discussed?

November 14, 2015 - The benefits of people that bug you

November 28, 2015 - The three voices inside your mind

February 6, 2016 - Crouching Passions, Hidden Talents: Discovering hidden passions and talents

March 5, 2016 – The Problem with Goals: how to set goals that inspire

April 9, 2016 – Mind Your Body: Because you body has a higher IQ, learn from it! With guest facilitator Helena Borgers


FeMale: Discover your feminine & masculine, with guest speaker Ayan Mukherjee

Self-Criticism: Turn your criticisms into a creative force

Philosophy of Yoga

Stress Busters

Chakras – The 7 Datacenters: Got The Keys?

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Say No To Stress: Stop the anxious mind chatter

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Mind Your Body

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