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Everyone is Intuitive! All of us have Extra Sensory Perception. Have you been called on the phone or run into a person in your travels, when you "happen" to be thinking of them? Do you want to dream or understand the ones you are having?

We are all psychic beings, but may not have taken the time to practice or use this ability. Many times, we "pick up" thoughts and feelings, such as stress and pressure, that do not belong us. It is because we are so sensitive, or psychic, to our environment. In this meet up, you can learn to buffer yourself from the pressure and stress.

This meetup is for anyone from beginners to the advanced. It's for those who want to develop their own particular intuitive abilities: inner hearing or clear thoughts (clairaudience), inner seeing (clairvoyance), feeling (healing), and prophecy (trance).

This meetup focuses on the practicality of being psychic, which can help with everything from knowing when to pop the cake out of the oven to making major business and life decisions.

You’ll also learn more about being attuned to your inner guidance. We help people clarify their understandings, relationships and experiences with that inner guidance, spiritual helpers, God, the All, or angels.

The overall objective of these meetings is having a clear inner sense of what is really going on in our lives and what is best to do in your work, with family and friends. You’ll experience fun and simple ways to stay relaxed and tuned into your psychic abilities and inner calmness.

As you clarify the real you, the soul, or energy, you will find that many answers about your life fall into place. You may feel more at peace, knowing that you have all your answers inside.

We look forward to sharing these innovative psychic techniques with everyone!

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