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Welcome to Toronto Adventures, where we specialize in " Recreation for Everyone ".

Here at Toronto Adventures we're all about offering year-round, affordable, easily accessible, events and activities. We offer City events plus we have our Adventure Bus for our southern Ontario adventures. City Adventures such as Kayaking and Canoeing, Adventure Bus Day Trips, Intro to Snowshoeing, Intro to (http://us4.campaign-archive1.com/?u=64af1230936d2e0d4d21994f9&id=3feb8683e7#K&C)Hiking Day Trips, Intro to SUP (http://us4.campaign-archive1.com/?u=64af1230936d2e0d4d21994f9&id=3feb8683e7#SUP), Paddle In Concerts (http://torontoadventures.ca/tours/guided-paddling/paddle-in-concerts/), Early Bird Bird Watching Paddles, and more... as well as our Weekend Trips which include transportation to and from the event such as our Intro to Dogsledding, Intro to Snowshoeing, Algonquin Provincial Park Camping Trips (http://torontoadventures.ca/tours/guided-camping/algonquin-park-intro-to-camping/), Ottawa River Whitewater Rafting Adventures (http://torontoadventures.ca/event-registration/?regevent_action=register&event_id=7516), Algonquin Moose Spotting Day Trips (http://us4.campaign-archive1.com/?u=64af1230936d2e0d4d21994f9&id=3feb8683e7#Moose%20Spotting), Southern Ontario Hiking Adventures (http://torontoadventures.ca/tours/hiking/brucetrailguidehike/) and more!

A great way to Socialize, Have Fun, and Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

Why become a member of Toronto Adventures? Do you like staying home being a couch potato or do you want to experience all that life has to offer and meet other people who enjoy outdoor adventure?

At Toronto Adventures events you will meet like minded people who want to get out and enjoy life and the great outdoors, and make new friends.

As a regular member of Toronto Adventures meet-up you will socialize with people who want to share outdoor adventure such as:

Kayaking / Canoeing Adventures / Snowshoeing Adventures / Dogsledding / S.U.P. (stand-up paddle boarding) / skiing / snowboarding / skydiving / hang gliding/ biking & much, much more.

As a member of this Toronto Adventures meet-up group you will not be alone when participating, as a regular member of this group, in our weekly adventures.

If you want to see more activities go to our main website:

www.TorontoAdventures.ca (http://www.torontoadventures.ca/)

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