Playing Go Under The Cherry Blossom Trees (Date Confirmed)

Toronto Go Players Meetup
Toronto Go Players Meetup
Public group

Needs a location


Meetup Location: Subway users and Drivers

We will be meeting at the Main entrance of High Park, located at the intersection of Bloor st and High Park ave. Look for the Meetup crowd with Meetup sign. Get off of High Park Subway station (West end) and walk to High park entrance, it's a 2 minutes walk.

Ask for Hung.

If you're driving from home please come at least by 12:00pm to look for parking, than walk to the main entrance at High Park on the corner of Bloor St. and High Park Ave and wait for us on the Westside (Toward Kipling). look for a Meetup sign or a large group.

Note: Do NOT look for parking inside High Park, park your car outside of high park. You'll never find a parking inside High Park on this day.

High Park Main Entrance (Bloor St. and High Park ave.)

Event informations:

Lets get together under the cherry blossom in High Park for some Go and drink some sake. This will be an outdoor event.

Meetup Fee.

$5.00 fee for this event. I will buy the sake and snacks for everyone.