Introduction to Apache Spark

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Hot on the heels of Spark Summit 2014, we will have a very special guest speaker to talk about Apache Spark:
Matei Zaharia!

Bio: Matei Zaharia is an assistant professor at MIT and CTO at Databricks, the company commercializing Spark. He got his PhD at UC Berkeley, where he started Spark as a research project. Matei is also originally from Toronto!

Apache Spark has quickly grown to be one of the most active projects in the Hadoop ecosystem. In this talk, we’ll introduce you to the core concepts behind the engine, recent additions, and where it’s going next. While the Spark engine is designed for ease of use and speed, its most unique strength is generality, in that it can efficiently support and combine many workloads that usually required separate engines (e.g. MapReduce, SQL and machine learning). We’ll show how we are taking advantage of this strength with higher-level libraries built into Spark, such as Spark SQL, MLib for machine learning, and Spark Streaming.