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What we’re about

Do you care about clean air? Are you interested in saving $1000/year on gas? How about saving $3000 on gas and plugging in at home? Or, better yet, what about saving $10,000 or more on a Prius Hybrid or an All-Electric Nissan LEAF or even a Tesla "S"? Or, saving $5,000 (as a Canadian Federal rebate) by buying one of the 15 all Electric Cars or $2500 on one of the 22 available Plug-in Hybrid Electric Cars. We can even arrange a $1000 rebate on a used EV (through Plug n'Drive's EVDC).

Would you like to learn more about Hybrid and Electric Cars? Would you like to share your enthusiasm for clean, quiet, efficient transportation with others? Then you need to join our group and come out to our meetings and join in the "fun" -- because fun is a renewable resource. Objectives include educating the public and members on the benefits of Hybrid & Electric Technology. And organizing an Efficiency Rally, where the winner is who uses the least energy.

Most important, is to always "Think Outside the Pump!" and drive better Electrically.

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