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Discover Toronto Neighbourhood Walk III: Alexander Muir Gardens+Northern Ravines

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UPDATE: The weather looks good for tomorrow, so the walk take place tomorrow (Saturday). NOTE: We are meeting at LAWRENCE subway station.

Spring is here and not only is warm weather back, so is TorontoTNT's Discover Toronto Neighbourhood Walk! This is the third of the Discover Toronto Neighbourhood Walk I'm doing. It's just a casual walk along a scenic or beautiful place in Toronto. If it's popular with you guys, I'll keep doing them. I actually have a quite a few walks that I've discover that I wanted to share with the group.

This walk will be in North Toronto. We're going to walk east along through some very nice parks and ravines, including Alexander Muir Gardens and Blythwood Ravine Park, as well as hangout at Davisville Village. I took this route from the City of Toronto Discovery walks. Here is their description of it:

This series of ravine parks, displaying a
wide variety of natural and human-made
scenic landscapes, is connected by Burke
Brook. First Peoples used these ravines as
early as 4000 years ago. They camped,
hunted and traveled in these areas. During the
early to mid 1800s, logging was common in these
ravines. Today, municipal by-laws protect these ravines
and the City is restoring much of the vegetation.

This is the general path we're taking:

We're going to start at Lawrence subway station. We'll walk south and take a small detour along Chatworth Drive. Then we'll walk east along the park path to see Alexander Muir Gardens. Then we'll be walking generally southeast in the park to see the beautiful scenery. At the end of the park, we'll be walking down south along Bayview Avenue to Davisville Village, where we'll grab a cup of coffee or something to eat after the walk is done!

Exit Points

If you don't want to do the entire walk, you can always stop and take the bus midway through. You can take a TTC bus back to a subway station either from Mount Pleasant Road, Bayview Avenue or Davisville Avenue, all three of which have bus routes you can take.

Bring your cameras and have fun enjoying the scenery while socializing with your fellow TNT members!


As of today (Monday), it looks like it's going to rain. But the weather is always changing as the week goes by, so right now I've scheduled this walk for this Saturday. Check this page on Friday to see if I have changed the date. If it's going to rain, I will postpone the event to another day.

How to Prepare for the walk

1) It may get colder during the walk, so be sure to bring a jacket with you.

2) Please use the washroom before meeting up for the event. Since we are walking through a residential area, there won't be any washrooms for a while, until we get to Davisville Village. There is a washroom at Eglinton subway station, one stop south of Lawrence subway station.

3) Bring some food and water with you in case you get hungry or thirsty. Again, there won't be any restaurants nearby, until we get to Davisville Village

5) Bring your camera! There will be lots of cool things to take pictures of.

Where We'll Meet

We will meeting at Lawrence subway station at 2 p.m. When you get to Lawrence subway station, we'll be waiting beside the 162 Lawrence-Donway bus stop. I will be holding a red Meetup sign. Once everyone is here, we'll start the walk.

If you get lost or need directions, you can call me at [masked].

Pricing & Costs


A small donation of $1 or $2 to pay for the Meetup fees would be appreciated, but not necessary.