Past Meetup

Attract Love Now! (Group Shuffling Event for Singles)

Price: CA$8.00 /per person
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Hello Friends,

I'd like to invite you out for this interactive, inspiring and fun evening as we uncover the most effective ways to Attract Love Now!

-This event encourages group participation, positive energy and lots of laughter.

*We will also be joined by my other groups as well.

(Event details below)


Steve Flemming
(Organizer & Facilitator)

Event Details:

Attract Love Now!

(Group Shuffling Event for Singles)

*It's called Group Shuffling because every so often people will have a chance to get up and sit at a different chair, enabling members to not only learn and have fun, but also to meet everyone who attends that night. (This process will be easily facilitated by the organizer)

Evening Highlights:

-Meeting lots of great new people in a fun and welcoming atmosphere

-Exploring the best places and approaches to meet someone; while making a favourable first impression

-Understanding the best ways to be more successful on first dates and dating in general

-How to improve communication, connection and listening with your partner and/or future partner(s)

-How to keep your dating and relationships fun, fresh and fulfilling

*This is just a sample of what we can and will explore in this interactive evening designed to support one another on the road to Attracting Love Now!

Friendly Reminders:
*Arrive at 7:00 for informal mix & mingling.
**The event will start at 7:30 and go to 9:30.
- One beverage or snack minimum is required upon arrival to support venue and staff
-Parking found on Yonge and free parking in residential area (2 minute walk south from subway station)