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Mid - Week Movie: The Internship

Cineplex Odeon Carlton

20 Carlton St · Toronto, ON

How to find us

Right inside the thearte beside the concession and I wearing my Mooser.

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Why not come out to a movie half way through the week? It's a nice way of breaking it up and the theatres are not as busy! We might go out for drinks or food after....yummy!

Mathew is the organizer for this meetup. If you need to contact him, please post a message on the wall, or email him at [masked]

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Synopsis: Comedy
Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) are salesmen whose careers have been torpedoed by the digital world. Trying to prove they are not obsolete, thet defy the odds by talking their way into a coveted internship at Google, along with a battalion of brillian college students. But, gaining entrance to this utopia is only half the battle. Now they must compete with a group pf the nation's most elite, tech-savvy geniuses to prove that necessity really is the mother of re-invention.


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***Also, please keep an eye out for any changes in venue or movie time up to the day of the event.

Meetup Location:Right inside the thearte beside the concession and I wearing my Moose Hat.

Movie meetup time: 6:15pm and I will only wait 5mins.

The movie start time: 6:40pm.

Movie Running Time: 1 hr & 59 mins

Cost of movie:$9.50

After the movie: More to come.
I look forward to seeing you there!!

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