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Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS) was formed originally by members of Toronto 9/11 Truth groups active since 2004. 911 was a momentous way many people learned and continue to learn about what is really going on in our world from the point of view of those who control what goes on behind the scenes, caring nothing for the amount of the depth of tragedy, trauma and corruption they are causing to achieve their final agenda.


911 is a stepping stone, and since those events, TTS has since expanded into other topics intrinsic to resisting & publicizing the Globalist takeover of the World which is not a conspiracy theory but actual fact. We are a Bible based information/activism entry level nexus point for learning how this world really functions according to the only source that foretold an endgame where a Cainite/Babylonian Commerce system of debit/credit would exist and would enslave all people in the world ultimately, pure global corporate secular society based on nothing else but pure dark and sinister reasons.

New members are welcome from all countries. Meetups have been put on hold due to members who join only for the purpose to cause infighting, disruption or if not that, simply because Jesus made clear in the last days, most would not be able to accept the 1st century views of the Holy Bible that do not change since Jesus (God) doesn't change. Thus this meetup is only here as a resource until further notice. the "Files" section is where anyone can download design templates, flyers, posters, documents, audio that relate to the many topics under the umbrella of an invisible empire that TTSrs expose, so one can copy and share with others.

We should all take initiative to investigate ourselves what we are being told by mainstream society, seeing as how such sources of information are losing popularity more than ever before due to the public's gaining knowledge of foul practices by such news sources. Therefore they are losing confidence after realizing much of our mainstream news sources are scripted/fabricated which are exposed in well done documentaries via quality internet alternative media sites.

Absolute truth, of which there can only be one ultimate truth that's been sought out for centuries, is not duplicitous, rather it emanates from one single and self-evident, self-sustaining source. The truth it reveals makes one furious before it makes one free. The information provided, we hope people can handle (not everyone can) and that they will avail themselves to it so they can use, learn, and share again due to it's importance for all people on the planet, it's the type of information that determines life on this planet.

We are in a daily information war of spiritual and physical levels, and we need to express God's truth within a world that increasingly is venomous against a moral and upright society based on tried and true tenets created by Him found in the very written words of God via the Jerusalem/Antioch line of manuscripts of the Holy Bible.

Leaders are selected, not elected, to bring us to an age of crisis instead an age of peace due to a rabidly vicious agenda which can be hotly proven by public record to be a deliberate product of a bigger agenda of one world government unknown to most. It is becoming more apparent daily our theatrical acting top world leaders do not work for the 'people' and many more are awaking to this harsh reality. We hear about globalization and global governance with increasing frequency, yet we are not told it is part of the march towards a Supra-National Communist Global State under the cover of 'Democracy', when truly any democracy is a mob-ocracy, rule of the demons and/or rule of the mobsters.

As God a fearing organizer of this meetup/resource, we prefer leaders who are those who live on this land that belongs to God/Jesus, who comprehend moral/ethical laws and honour/dignity for the common man or woman based on Biblical tenets. We encourage a money system based on Biblical standards that would be transparent with no usury which will not lead to deliberate global recessions as an example. The problems we face only persist and increase due to the hidden hand of history hiding them from our eyes, the same hand not allowing the populace to be aware of their secret meetings and decisions based on diabolic goals but only sparse mentions in mainstream news by those who are further enslaving the world daily at an increasing rate by way of consumerism, a much more defined product of Cainite/Babylonian commerce. The same are the people in power who are not as well known because they are busy distracting/programming/conditioning/ socially engineering us with music, Hollywood movies, mainstream TV and radio and many forms of unseen warfare unimaginable in order to condition the public to accept their dark ideological views for their benefit, and not the common man, woman and child of the earth.

Our reactions should lead to biblical responses taught by Jesus the Christ Himself, including learning the ultimate reasons for the world's multi-century problems which are found in the Holy Bible and using that information of substantial integrity/evidence to help raise the collective awareness of our population, rightly dividing what is truth and what is not based on biblical tenets, so that we as people of this earth can come to the saving knowledge of the Christ Jesus, since this is truly the only way out of the N W O in order to resist such tyrannical rulers and laws being instituted by those who have entered into positions of power under satanic means and not for the common man or woman's freedom in the Christ Jesus, but their own.

Our solutions include sharing what we know what works based on the true wisdom of God/Jesus found in Hs Holy Writ. We can help raise awareness to the fact that we can not stop the N W O from it's eventuality, but instead realize that we are a sinking ship and we have to get as many people onto boats with life jackets by continually being in prayer/resistance to such evil and exposing such evil in order to raise awareness to these ultra-important issues so that one is not a victim, but a victor by conquering lies with truth through disseminating valid information thus empowering their own lives with knowledge of such importance to protect ones family and self. We can ring the alarm so that those who are not aware of these important matters can be informed to such occurrences and help take a stand against such crimes. We seek, share and spread evidential truth as best as we can to stimulate conducive action to freedom and liberty in the Christ Jesus by exposing the works of satan via his control of the government and it's pure corruption of God's moral laws.

We encourage others in other countries to do the same. As long as we can speak freely (which is increasingly disappearing), with integrity, and charity, trade noble biblical ideas and discuss the changes we see, we can then see and make changes that are beneficial to a upright society by looking back at history and being truthful about what didn't work in the past. If not, then we must ensure we take action peacefully were it's required so as not to repeat the mistakes of history. Its more something to be monitoring closely since it deals with all of us in our daily lives. Let us remember that our silence and failure to act against these evils being perpetrated daily only contributes to the worsening state of affairs in our world but we know we all have it in us to want a better world where peace rules instead of war.

Please feel free to download, use and/or adapt the information you find for your local needs, to join us, or to contact with questions, answers and suggestions. We are fully self-financed and appreciate any donations of blank paper or dvd's, printing, other goods and services or financial donations. Examples of our work include spending Saturday's at Dundas Square over the last several years, and now digitally distributing a wide variety of information via internet and old fashion street interaction.

Thank you for your time, you are the resistance.



Please visit these very informative sites in regards to the latest world changing news that affect the local and international community. Please bear in mind that TTS organizers do not necessarily agree with all viewpoints given at these sources, but rather they the most consistent accurate sources of what is factually occurring in the world we are not being told:

Censored News;


Health News


New World Order News

Environment News


The Liberty Beacon



Please visit these affiliates:

Spirit of Truth


SiLSa! Productions


Press For Truth


Real doctors questioning the effectiveness of vaccines:

Dr. Shiv Chopra, Microbiologist, Health Canada Whistleblower - http://shivchopra.com/

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, MD - http://drtenpenny.com/

Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD - http://www.russellblaylockmd.com/

Dr. Barbara Loe-Fischer, MD - http://www.nvic.org/

Dr. Rebecca Carly, MD - http://www.drcarley.com/

Dr. Joseph Mercola, MD - http://www.mercola.com/

Dr. Gary Null, MD - http://www.garynull.com/


Please see some of our past work in 2010 that made local news;

The Shot Is The Pandemic: Swine Flu Vaccines and The CBC

CBC's "The National" news program was looking into why some Canadians are against the idea of taking swine flu vaccines. They asked Toronto Truth Seekers to hold our Dundas Square meet-up on a Wednesday afternoon, instead of our usual Saturdays, so they could film it and interview us for that evening's broadcast. Our good friends Dan Dicks and Steve Davies at PressForTruth.ca documented everything. To see what happened, please visit the links below for the YouTube videos.

http://www.infowars.com/the-shot-is-the-pandemic-swine-fl ...


Please visit these great websites on vaccines and pandemics:

Canadian Legal Vaccine Exemption Forms
http://vaccinechoicecanada.com/exemptions/legal-exemption-forms/ (http://vran.org/exemptions/)

Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock - How To Detox After You Get Shot


Vaccine Truth Global Resource Links

Dr. Russell Blaylock M.D. - Surgeon . Author . Lecturer . Educator

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