What we're about

This is a group for people who want to get together as a group in pursuit of total fitness. Achieving total fitness is about both mindset and psychology as well as diet and exercise. This group is suitable for all fitness levels, beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Deep Core Identity Fundamentals:

1) Where does social conformance come from - The cause and effect.

2) Human Reticular Activation System and Backwards Rationalization (Why Perception is Reality)

3) Emotional evaluation vs logical evaluation and the perceived value model

4) Lets develop Emotional Mastery

5) Lets understand Situational Confidence versus Core Confidence

6) How to be at the cause and not the effect. Lets end reactive behavior patterns

7) Emotional Congruence and BMIR (Behavioral Manifestations of Internal Representations)

8) Managing positive state without having to rely on external factors such as validation from others, alcohol, chocolate / sugar / emotional eating, etc...

And a lot more as we go along...

Situational Tactics (NLP / Cognitive Psychology):

1) Reading basic body language.

2) Understanding rapport, pacing, mirroring / matching, leading

3) Reading Eye movements, Accessor and Processor distinction

4) Understanding Anchors,

5) Concept of The Map is not the territory and how reference experiences work.

And many more as we go along...

My Body is my temple:

Exercise without nutrition is detrimental to our health. Nutrition without exercise is rather pointless as well.

Ultimately its all about our metabolic age. We can be 45 and maintain a body cellular age of 25. Or we can be 25 and end up with a body cellular age of 45.

During our group meetings we will be discovering and implementing

How to utilize the rejuvenation and healing power of diets like the Wahls protocol from Dr Terry Wahls (http://www.terrywahls.com/)
How to avoid sources of Toxicity such as Trihalomethanes (http://www.ewg.org/research/water-treatment-contaminants) in our drinking water and in swimming pools
How to maximize the benefits of cardio exercise such as from Interleukin 6 (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17144883) or in terms of brain health (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effects_of_physical_exercise_on_memory)
Why non organic food makes no sense - this is an interesting one :) - One organic egg has the nutrition of ten battery hen eggs - besides would we really want to eat this ? (http://rspcavic.org/issues-take-action/farm-animals)
How exactly our DNA works and why do we need amino acids, fatty acids, phyto (plant) nutrients, vitamins and minerals

I spent over 2 years pouring through thousands of bio medical research documents and then in March 2013 I decided to implement the concepts on myself and a few friends. In March 2013 my body fat percentage was over 25% and today (Aug 2013) it's at 14%. In March 2013 my cellular age was tested at 32. Today (Aug 2013) my cellular age comes out at 21. It's just a simple matter of diet, nutrition, lifestyle, awareness and exercise.

Come join us, lets meet up and start Living An Amazing Life.

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