Keys to win in the age of AI & digital innovation

Towards the Tech of Tomorrow
Towards the Tech of Tomorrow
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Theme - Ways and experiences of embracing Design Thinking & rapid prototyping to win in the age of AI and digital innovation

Enterprises and startups alike have realized the pressing need to be great at visualizing how a system is going to be consumed by end users and to quickly build prototypes to validate this. To win in digitalization programs or navigating to product-market fit while securing investments. Also, with AI making its way into enterprises and new startup apps, machine learning need to be paired with organization understanding and great UX to earn trust and enable a closer man-machine collaboration than ever before.

For consulting companies, the ability to turn a customer dialogue idea, through design and prototype, into a demo in front of the client in a matter of weeks have become a key to win in enterprise digitalization programs.

Startups need in their DNA ability to empathize with intended audiences and build MVP's, helping to validate or discard hypothesis in the search for market fit. All while proving to investors they're on the right track.

To address this, we have developed an open methodology called Bluemix Garage, proven in IBM Garage teams across the globe trained in co-creation with partner and clients.

Bluemix Garage combine industry best practices in Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile Development and DevOps to build and deliver innovative solutions around all new technology available and is the method of choice when IBM develops new tailored cognitive systems for clients.

We want to share our technology, methodology and experiences from within and from co-creators to inspire and help guide new business and solutions around the big techs of today!

Agenda (presentations to begin 18:00)
17:30 - Welcome with sandwich and drinks

18:00 – From Idea to MVP and Market fit in weeks? – experiences from enterprise &startup projects @Bluemix Garage Malmö (Andreas Gustafsson, IBM Cloud &Mobile tech leader)

18:30 - Our startup journey and impact of using Bluemix Garage (TBA)

19:00 – Prototyping to engage clients in digital innovation & communication (Apartment5)

19:30 - Network and talks