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Hi Fellow Adventurers!

We're a social group of Walkers, Bushwalkers, Campers and Adventurers from Townsville and Surrounding Areas. We're outdoorsy, adventurous, energetic, and like-minded people that enjoy exploring new places and experiencing first hand what the great outdoors has to offer! All fitness levels welcome! From beginners to the experienced adventurer, you're sure to find an event that you're comfortable attending!

We also have a Facebook Page (Townsville Hike And Explore) which I urge you to join and check out the pics from our recent adventures!

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****"Townsville Hike And Explore” will be trialling the use of the “Australian Walking Track Grading System” for all future walks (excluding our social mid-week sunset and photography walks)

Track grading is a primary means of informing people about the features of walking tracks, so they can gauge their suitability for a particular track. It also assists to encourage walking as a leisure activity.

The aim of the Australian Walking Track Grading System is to encourage people who are not regular or confident bushwalkers to get out there and give it a go. It is specifically designed to assist less experienced or entry level walkers find tracks suitable to their skill level.

Under the system, walking trails are graded on a difficulty scale from grades one to five.

Grade One is suitable for people with a disability with assistance Grade Two is suitable for families with young children Grade Three is recommended for people with some bushwalking experience Grade Four is recommended for experienced bushwalkers, and Grade Five is recommended for very experienced bushwalkers

To calculate the Grading, we use an Excel Spreadsheet that allows us to enter in certain details about the walk to the best of our knowledge, including:

- Gradient (approx.)

- Quality of Path

- Quality of Markings

- Steps

- Experience Required

- Distance

- Time

The spreadsheet then calculates the “Walk Grading”

For all walks posted after 4.9.19, the Walk will now be graded using the new System.

Please look for the walk “Grading” in the Walk Description and contact me if you have any questions about the “Grading System” or if you’re unsure if you should attend a walk.

We also acknowledge that everyone’s fitness level, capabilities & bushwalking experience differ in many ways, so please use the Grading as a guide only.

Upcoming events (5+)

Mount Stuart Social Sunset Walk & Picnic

Mount Stuart Lookout

Hi Everyone, **I've been asked about some less strenuous walks that would suit beginners and those that are new to the group finding their fitness. This walk is for those people, as well as all our regulars :) Join the group for a social sunset walk and picnic at Mount Stuart. This evening walk and picnic is beginner and pet friendly and SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES AND FITNESS LEVELS. There will be no elevation involved. This walk will also appeal to the photographers and visual story tellers in the group and will be a perfect setting for new members of the group to come along and see what we’re all about! We’ll meet at the Mount Stuart Lookout at 5.45pm. From there we’ll go on a short walk around the TV antennas at the top where we will be treated to some great views of Townsville and Surrounds. We’ll then make our way down a trail for a couple hundred metres to a spot overlooking the City where we can set up a picnic and see arguably the best views of the city lights from anywhere on Mount Stuart. The walk will be no more than 2km in total. If you'd like to bring some snacks to share feel free to do so. We’ll meet at the Mount Stuart Carpark (at the top) at 5.45pm If you need directions, call me on[masked]. See you there! Please ensure you have the following: - 1 litre of water - Headlamp a MUST - Bushmans/Rid - Camera - Snack for when we sit around for sunset! - Electrolyte if required **PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY** As always, please bear in mind our PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY philosophy. We are not a formal organisation or association. We are a SOCIAL organisation and we do not charge a fee for activities. We take no responsibility for any mishaps, accidents, illness, injuries that may occur as a result of the activity. It is up to each individual to make sure they are capable of completing the activity. If you attend an activity, it will be solely at your own risk. Before RSVP’ing to this activity, please ensure you are physically capable of completing the entire activity. We take short breaks during the activity, but stick to a tight timeframe to ensure we complete the activity in the allotted time. Know your limits. Remember, everyone is responsible for their own safety. You are responsible to ensure you bring enough water, snacks and any other relevant items to the activity. If you are not sure if you will be able to complete the activity, please contact the activity organiser who will be more than happy to discuss your concerns.

Star River Hike - Via H Track/Blue Gum Track (Paluma Range NP)

Hi Fellow Adventurers! Join the group for a hike in the Paluma Range National Park It’s starting to warm up now and this hike will appeal to those that enjoy hiking in the cooler temperatures of the Paluma Range National Park, however this particular hike is in an extremely remote section of the National Park. This hike will be for the experienced adventurer and regular hiker and is what I like to call an “Exploratory Hike’ as the group hasn’t hiked this particular part of the National Park previously. **“Exploratory Hikes” involve exploring and hiking in new areas, and the excitement and appeal to the group doing these hikes are coming across things that they haven’t in the past – new places, sights, points of interest, flora & fauna. It also means that there is no real expectation on hiking distance for the day – If the hike is listed as 8/9 hours, as long as we’re back in that time we’re all happy! HIKE: Upper Reaches of Star River (Via H Track/Blue Gum Track) DISTANCE: 15km (Return) TIME: 8/9 Hours (Including Breaks) MAX ELEVATION: - (400m Elevation Gain During the Day) TRACK GRADING: 4 (Grade FOUR is recommended for experienced bushwalkers) Leaving from the Paluma Village, we’ll follow the “H Trail, and then a section of the “Blue Gum Trail” for approximately 3km. We may make a slight diversion to check out Triple Falls on the way, however this will be up to the group to decide on the day. Then the fun starts….! We’ll leave the Blue Gum Trail and using a GPS Trail, we’ll find our way to the Upper Reaches of the Star River. We’ll follow the Upper Reaches of the Star River in a general Southerly direction for approximately 5km before heading back the same way. **Please Note, Diversions may need to be taken to avoid PP** The Upper Reaches of the Star River are in a remote part of the National Park seldom visited. Judging by the Satellite Imagery, I’m expecting the Upper Reaches of the Star River to be a beautiful area to explore. Water levels in the National Park are low and the River is not only massive in the Upper Reaches, but also very wide so hiking in the river bed itself may well be the preferred option. We start at an ELEVATION of 900m at the Paluma Village. By the time we get to the turnaround point, we are at 500m, so the ELEVATION GAIN for the hike will be approximately 400m. (Less that Mount Stuart) This hike will be lead at a MODERATE pace with REGULAR breaks as required by the group. The hike will be PARTIALLY ON TRAIL AND OFF TRAIL, mostly OFF TRAIL. The terrain will include some on trail hiking, rock hopping and scrambling down a river bed and most likely bush bashing at some stage, however the creek bed we follow for most of the hike appears open with little growth in the river bed itself. We will meet at the Caltex Yabulu at 6.30am for a pre-hike discussion before heading off! Please allow approx. 8/9 hours for the hike including breaks. Please ensure you bring the following: -2/3 litres of water -Appropriate Clothing and Footwear -Hat and Suncream -Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea -Snacks & Electrolyes (if required) -Camera -First Aid Kit/Snake Bite Kit (if you have one) -Bushmans/Rid -PLB if you have one -Headlamp and Spare Batteries (Just in case we hike out late) If you have any questions about the hike, please contact me on[masked] **PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY** (see Facebook Group Page)

Mount Elliott Summit Day Hike (Via Alligator Creek Falls)

Alligator Creek Swimming Area

Hi Fellow Adventurers! Join the group for a hike in the Bowling Green National Park Would you like to join a small group of adventurers and summit the highest peak in the Bowling Green National Park and Townsville & Surrounds – Mount Elliott? It’s starting to warm up now and this hike will appeal to those that enjoy hiking in the cooler temperatures of the Bowling Green National Park, however this hike is for the experienced and regular hiker. **There are many ways to Summit Mount Elliott. On this particular hike we’ll go via the Alligator Creek Falls which is the more ‘hiker friendly’ way to summit Mount Elliott than other trails we have used in the past, as the first 8km is totally on trail. HIKE: Mount Elliott Summit (Via Alligator Creek/Falls) DISTANCE: 24km approx. (Return) TIME: Depends on Group (Allow 10/12 Hours) MAX ELEVATION: - 1200m (Mount Elliott Summit) TRACK GRADING: 5 (Grade FIVE is recommended for very experienced bushwalkers) MAX GROUP: 8 (Including Walk Leader) Leaving from the Alligator Creek Campground, we’ll follow the Alligator Creek Falls trail for approximately 8km where we’ll stop for a break, before following a marked trail for a couple of hundred metres to the top of the falls. From the top of the falls, we’ll follow the Upper Reaches of Alligator Creek towards Mount Elliott. Mount Elliott Summit is approximately 3.4km from the top of the falls at an elevation of 1200m. We will use GPS Navigation for the final stages of the hike close to the summit. I would like to be at/close to the summit by lunchtime so we can stop for a break and rest, before heading back down the same way. You will not be disappointed with the views on the way up, especially when we make our way to the top of Alligator Creek Falls, however the Summit offers no viewpoints. Water levels in the National Park are low, however you will be able to fill your water from Alligator Creek for the majority of the day, so no need to bring a heap of water. (Sterilization Tablets Recommended) This hike will be lead at a MODERATE pace with REQUESTED breaks as required by the group to ensure we reach the summit and back in the allocated time, however don’t be surprised if this hike sees us walking the last couple of km’s out in the early evening (Headlamps/Spare Batteries a Must) The hike will be PARTIALLY ON TRAIL and OFF TRAIL, mostly ON TRAIL, however it’s the last couple of km’s close to the summit that will take us the longest to navigate. The OFF TRAIL terrain between the top of the falls and the summit will include some rock scrambling up the creek and bush bashing though sections of scrub and rainforest near the summit. Lantana is a plenty and you will all need to bring secateurs. (NO MACHETES) Check out the Wanderstories Blog for some locally sourced information on the area. We will meet at the Alligator Creek Campground at 5.30am for a pre-hike discussion before heading off! See you there! You MUST bring the following: -2/3 litres of water -Long Pants and Shirt (Dryfit Preferred) -Hat and Suncream -Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea -Snacks & Electrolyes (if required) -Camera -First Aid Kit (Snake Bite Kit if you have one) -Bushmans/Rid -PLB (if you have one) -Headlamp and Spare Batteries (Just in case we hike out late) -Secateurs -Water Sterilization Tablets If you have any questions about the hike, please contact me on[masked] **PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY** (Listed on Facebook Website due to Meetup Limitations) (DO not RSVP until you have read the Personal Responsibility Statement)

Pinnacles Highlights & Photography Hike (Limited Numbers)

Rupertswood General Store

Hi Fellow Adventurers! Join the Group for a hike in the Pinnacles National Park. This hike will be a ‘Pinnacles Highlights” Hike & will take in our favourite points of interest that are possible to visit during a day hike in this area. - FREDERICK PEAK - SOUTH PINNACLE - HIDDEN PINNACLES - NORTH & SOUTH TERMINUS Have you ever looked through the Group Pics of our adventures at the Pinnacles, admired the breathtaking views and wished you could have been there to share the experience…? Photographers and those that have contacted me recently about joining the group to take pics that can be used to promote the region, this hike will be perfect if you’re comfortable with the walk description, however if you’re coming along primarily for this reason and aren’t a regular member of the group, you MUST contact me PRIOR TO RSVP. New faces are more than welcome! If you’re unsure if you should come along or have any questions, please feel free to send me a message prior to RSVP. HIKE: Pinnacles National Park Highlights Hike (Frederick Peak/Hidden Pinnacle/South Pinnacle) DISTANCE: 12-14km (Approx) TIME: 10 hours (Approx) **(AT A SLOW/MODERATE PACE) MAX ELEVATION: 730m (At South Summit) TBWAD LEVEL: 2/3 (Please see my hiking Scale on the Facebook Group Page) MAX GROUP: 12 (Including Walk Leader) Starting at Granitevale Road, we will make our way up past the North Terminus and South Terminus with a quick visit to the Hidden Pinnacles. We will ensure we are at a good viewpoint on the way to Frederick Peak at Sunrise for some spectacular views and photographic opportunities as the sun rises over the city. We will then summit Frederick peak for the BEST VIEWS of the day and PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES that will leave you in awe! After morning tea, we will descend Fred’s and follow a ridge line over to the South Pinnacle where we will stop for a late lunch and more SPECTACULAR VIEWS and PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES. During the afternoon, we will make our way back and stop at South Terminus & North Terminus for a look around and again, MORE PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES. This hike will be lead at a SLOW/MODERATE Pace, however due to the distance and the fact we’ll be out for nearly the whole day, please ensure you have completed similar hikes in the past. The hike will be mostly OFF TRAIL and will involve some moderate inclines/declines and you must be OK with heights. The ridgelines around the area have been burnt recently which will make for some easier hiking between Fred’s and South Pinnacle, however there is some rocky and scrubby sections so you must be steady on your feet. *There may be an option for group members to skip the South Pinnacle and wait for the rest of the group at a pre-determined spot along the way, however that will be decided on the day. Most Importantly of all: ENJOY the adventure, have FUN and spend a moment or 2 during the adventure taking in the surroundings and admiring some of the rarely visited points of interest we have to explore right on our doorstep! We will all meet at the Rupertswood Shop @ 7am to arrange carpooling as access to the starting point is by high clearance/4wd only. Please ensure you have the following: -3/4 Litres of water -Hat and Suncream -GAITERS (Preffered) -Long Shirt/Pants (Preferred) -Electrolytes -CAMERA -Food/Snacks -First Aid Kit **PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY** YOUR SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY

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