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TLDR: We have moved here: meetup.com/Distributed-Tracing-NYC (https://www.meetup.com/Distributed-Tracing-NYC)

Great news! Uber has agreed to be the official sponsor for the Meetup group!

Partnering with Uber gets us a reliable venue and refreshments and will make it easier to find speakers! But, we had to actually form a new meetup group.

We've scheduled our first event!


Please join and RSVP! :)

Rationale for the change

Disclosure: Uber is my employer.

The main objective of the group is to cultivate a local community of folks who are working closely with distributed tracing systems. I'd say this is folks who are:

• Consuming - Leveraging distributed tracing data to gain insights or build tools

• Instrumenting - Instrumenting library or application code

• Core - Implementing distributed tracing systems

This target makes the group fairly niche, which poses the following challenges (to my thinking):

• Hosting meetups – Scheduling, venue, refreshments, etc.

• Finding speakers

• Finding members

Hosting – Uber has absolutely helped as they've been generous enough to host and provide refreshments well into next year. Awesome.

Finding speakers – It was pointed out to me that working closely with Uber adds a mountain of credibility relative to being just any Joe off the street.

Finding members – Seems like there may be a positive effect here, as well.

Important points

• First and foremost: The topic of the group is Distributed Tracing (and peripheral topics)

• Uber is not the topic of the group

• Jaeger (https://www.jaegertracing.io/) (Uber's OSS distributed tracing system) is likely to come up, but the topic is Distributed Tracing, not Jaeger

All of that to say: This change benefits the group quite a lot and we're excited to announce our first event!

Call for speakers

We intend to schedule a meetup every eight weeks and would love to schedule speakers well beyond that timeframe. Let us know if you're interested in speaking at an upcoming event!

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