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Learn in One Day How to Retire Securely with Options Income!
Are you eager to retire early, already retired or looking to supplement your income? Hi, I'm Al Mumaugh. In ONE DAY I can teach you my safe strategy that has a win rate of over 90%. Yes, you’ve heard it before, Options are risky, this is true for the Buyer. My approach makes you the Seller, thereby reaping the rewards! My proven practice enables you to generate meaningful income starting with as little as $5,000.
This safe Credit Spread strategy leverages the practice of selling one Option for a higher price while buying a lower priced protective Option generating instant income. My technique utilizes the powerful ThinkOrSwim platform from T.D. Ameritrade and there are no other tools or costs. In twelve (12) weeks your account can double with limited risk that you control. In fact, you can earn your class tuition back in your first trade!
It’s worth repeating; over 85% of all Options expire worthless with the proceeds going to the Seller! My strategy leverages the high Positive Profit Expectancy for the Seller and has a documented win ratio of greater than 90%!
WHEN: September 21 from 9am to 5pm, Roswell, GA.
For more details call Al Mumaugh at 770-598-2168 or e-mail me at options4income@comcast.net.
Limited to 50 participants.


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