QCaid Strategy Designer

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QCaid Strategy Designer

Qcaid is an innovative trading platform that allows you to create automated trading strategies without any programming skills. Draw a diagram that represents your trading idea by just dragging and dropping components onto the canvas. You can easily backtest your trading strategy with a few clicks, simulate it in a realistic environment, and upload it to the cloud to be executed automatically through a low latency server.

- No programming skills needed
- Any asset types (Futures, Forex, Stocks, etc.)
- Multiple assets and timeframes in the same strategy
- Accurate backtesting with
- Identical results in live simulation and real execution
- Dedicated and centralized servers for strategy backtest and execution

- The meeting begins sharply at 7 pm and ends at 9 pm
- Plenty of free parking available next to the fire station
- Conference room door located on the right side of the fire station
- No food, nor liquids allowed inside the conference room

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