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Are you a woman working in the trades? Carpenter, tile, electrician, drywall, painter, etc.? Would you like to work with more women? Are you looking to connect and grow your business? Expand your referral network.

Come join other women just like you. Unwind and swap stories from the trenches. You're not alone, there's a bunch of us... come meet us.

When we started 2 Cabinet Girls in 2014 to paint cabinets, we were just a couple of DIYers who decided to see if we could earn a little extra money. By the end of the year, there was only 1 cabinet girls remaining because it had become so busy! Now 5 years later we're doing 5 jobs a week, offering carpentry and doing on-site spraying as well. All along the way we've been able to work with amazing people who do great work.

What I've become hyper-aware of is that men and women see work differently, and because of that, what they pay attention to is different. In cabinet painting (and kitchen remodeling) we are often hired by a woman. Our perspective of mapping out the journey and keeping in constant contact via email and text messaging keeps the homeowner in the loop and therefore less anxious - that's something our male competitors rarely do. That one difference has allowed 2 Cabinet Girls to thrive even during the state's covid shutdowns.

Hopefully, everyone can share what has worked for them in the past and what has failed miserably. Why you choose one tool over another. Do you like working with all guys or would you rather have another woman on the team?

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Have you ever wondered if you should buy that new tool or just keep using your current one? Wish you could try it out a little to see if it's worth it? That's what we have planned!

We've used all sorts of tools and now have some inexpensive tools as well as some very expensive tools in our collection. Does a $200 hammer work better than a $20 one?

If you have a tool you love or one that you want to replace with something better, bring it to this month's Meetup and let's all show off some of our favorites (and the ones we can't wait to replace).

2 Cabinet Girls will show off a few of our favorites:
- Festool TS 55 REQ track saw - we can't imagine cutting large sheets any other way.
- 120V Battery powered Dewalt 12" compound miter saw - sometimes running a 100' extension cord is a real pain.
- Festool CT26 dust extractor with a boom arm for sanding in the shop.

Please let everyone know what you'll bring along in the comments below.

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