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Full name of the group: Traditional African Spirituality and Holistic Healing for People of African Descent.

Greetings family!
Join us both seekers and practitioners!

Seekers of spiritual teachings and holistic healing:
For the sons and daughters of the African Diaspora who are looking to be a part of a circle/community that receives messages from the ancestors and seeks to follow their guidance. Some gather weekly, others monthly or for certain events to celebrate our spiritual legacy and receive healing and guidance. We also attend cultural events as a collective. Our main home base is the Sakhu Healing Arts Center.

Spiritual Advisors/Holistic Practitioners:
We are also a collective of priests, priestesses and practitioners of our varied African spiritual traditions, as well as holistic healers who see the power in our combined strength. Let us gather to support each other in our effectiveness throughout the community and across the globe. Holistic Practitioners of all of the varied modalities are welcome, such as massage therapists, herbalists, naturopathic doctors, etc.

Dr. Ekenchole Seshat El (“Dr. Seshat”) is a spiritual advisor and a holistic psychologist who is in communication with the Ancestral Realms, receiving guidance from the ancestors and the god realms. She has authored two books, and has been working in the community for decades assisting folks with revealing the soul's mission, removing obstacles, reading and re-balancing the energies within the body, and providing psychotherapy and life coaching. She also provides detailed information and assistance in the healing of past life experiences and more (Info at www.Sakhu.com).

Upcoming events (2)

Meet and Greet Plus Meditation Circle

Sakhu Healing Arts Center

Greetings family! I hope that you all enjoyed the sunny day today (Feb 5th)! I wanted to announce that we are now 100 members strong! One hundred melanated people who value traditional African spirituality! A group of us have also been meeting weekly since December to engage in more in-depth work with the ancestors. Meet and greet: I wanted to invite you all to another meet and greet so that we can begin to get to know one another and build community. Even if you cannot attend, be sure to reach out to me (Ekenchole Seshat) and affirm your interest in the group and future events. There will be some yummy vegan African-infused snacks. Feel free to add to the bounty if so inspired. Meditation circle: For those of you who are looking to learn how to meditate or strengthen your meditation skills we will also be holding a meditation circle. We will practice several forms of meditation and those who wish to receive an energy cleansing can partake! There will also be a chance to experience a sound healing bath! Feel free to bring an altar item to place beside you as you meditate. If possible, please wear white or brighter colors or traditional clothing. I look forward to seeing you all! -Ekenchole Seshat

Tantric Sex/Healing and Divine Love

Sakhu Healing Arts Center

In alignment with Black Love Day, we will explore methods to awaken and enhance your sexuality and teachings about the power of divine love. Do you want to learn how to use energy/spiritual technologies to deepen your sensual abilities and experiences? Did you know that the best teachers of sensuality can be found in the Ancestral Realms? To learn more join us for our upcoming workshop on Tantric Sex and Healing! Indeed, the highest teachings about sensuality can only be gleaned by journeying to other dimensions as Dr. Seshat has done for many years. Learn techniques to strengthen the organs connected to pleasure giving and receiving. You will also learn to move the energies within the body and open your heart more to unleash deeper avenues of pleasure, self-knowledge, and an expanded consciousness. In the spirit of divine love, this workshop is basically a gift to the community where high teachings are being imparted for a nominal fee. I also want to encourage you to register in advance to receive a discount. Registering now will also help to align your energies and help you to prepare for this experience. Get ready to transform your erotic life and your ways of loving... Investment in yourself: $20 in advance ($25 at the door). Purchase tickets at http://www.sakhu.com/events.html

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Ancestral Winter/Dry Season Ceremony


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