What we're about

A group for early-morning, weekend trail running on or around the Potomac Heritage Trail, aimed at the lowers trails around Roosevelt Island, Donaldson Run, Turkey Run, Scott's Run, etc. The C&O Canal is also fair game.

Acknowledging that there are some tough hills and climbs along the river, this group is intended to be all inclusive (beginner +). I myself am generally found in the "aspiring to be faster" tail section of the race. Indeed, I consistently amaze myself by proving that "slow and steady" does not win the race. But I would like to get better, and would like to find a group that does too!

Meet-up times are generally early morning Saturdays and/ or Sundays (8am-ish?) Courses would vary between 5-10 miles, depending on the terrain, weather, and heat-index. BYOB, unless otherwise posted.

** Special Note **

If anyone would like to suggest a run, distance, or meetup time - please feel free to reach out! Some potential runs include Scott's Run, Great Falls VA and MD, and NoVa parks (Lake Fairfax for example).

Upcoming events (3)

Billy Goat Trail: C & B Section

Carderock Recreation Area Parking Lot

For this run we're going a little up river to the Billy Goat Trail! For those not familiar, the Billy Goat Trail is a section of hiking trails on the Maryland side of the Potomac which have some of the best view of the river right below the falls. This run is comprised of the lower two section of the Billy Goat Trail. The trail itself is single track, but we'll use the Canal to connect between the two sections. Not too many hills - but there are some little scrambles and fun climbs along the way. Parking and meetup is at the southern parking lot @ Carderock. We'll meet at the trail head for the A Section. If you are looking for some scenic trail running, this course is hard to beat! Course: https://onthegomap.com/?m=r&u=mi&w%5B%5D=Routes+may+not+be+suitable+for+walking.&c%5B%5D=Route+data+%C2%A92019+On+The+Go+Map%2C+OpenStreetMap+Contributors&d=9245&f=28a830e3fe&n=1&dm=1&context=share&r2=Ylxj7vubtEHGDKFm19s10E6I6E043Q36NUX1S7OHU6W1Ea16u1c1u14i2Ca2Mg24c12w35c1IS0M3e2l1k23E2G6E2G5AFGJa23UKi23K9EBW1GW16a18MCq10w1Fa1DCJc1DALUn1u2DY13OCE8B20O5QBE0SEM5E6c1PY1f1a1V81A30D4t11n1Fd53p34x48z2Sd8K~3Sz4k1x4_1b5Mn18DGVuApH43Sj1y3h647Un1a4n6W3X5g2r3g1l2c1p2Ef145In1w2r6Eb1Mt1o2p6m2d8Gd26h23h11Z1Dn2Tj2n2n5Z1d3Jv1Dn1039f19v23p12r2Cp3Y1f66l18n1Od3Ih34Z39l2Bz1~1b8Bp2Jd94b2E~1Sx1i1t1k1f1s1X1W5j2g2b1w1Z1w1j1m1r1Y2x2a1Z2a1Z3Cv12175D5P0j1EN4L3DY17ATS9ENCb10BOLe2NSj1g1Z1QVIr1IPKLOVQN8JGNALIJMF4h1At4f1RIX1ELMT8DQ3w12s18O2U4G5G3c11s15M9O6S0O7OTc17O5q1AU8i11w15W17o10y12224SGo10a2GU260X5c7Fa15Y13c1l1c3Ho1DQZ1c1X1EJ1TCd1450j1Q7ED1H43C0a17KFM4e18i16AQo1MGY1CMM4i1EW1OKo1AMEk1c1W1Ko2Y2q1W2i1Q8GY1g1Eg26Es1g2E8A180KZ1g1r1I9U5CY18Oa1e3o2o5Uk2Eo26m25i2Fe2l2e8n2q6Lu1DY1EX1N9L5H4F1d1TP7L5709E97h3Y2X1AJI1K12FAD472LCb15TKh1c1PGHK5SBMF0d1M1K4Y16MAS2IDQHMF0V9J4NGX1c1H8HK1C9GX1a1V_1TGNQF2P9P0RO12h1I7ABOBu1PQJCRc1BY1FW1Pg12g16G1KFSJMDSTW17E1k17SRk1Fw27C36HCTy15SNK6K9Y2Hw11K8Q5o14W13Q8i1Ee1IE43W1n1U3S45D5H0DAr1Gl1EJMH23

C&O Canal to Glover Archbold Park (Redux)

Boating in DC at Key Bridge Boathouse

Another chance to join us for a fun morning run! The course is a nice 5 mile loop from Georgetown up the Canal to Fletcher's Boat House. We'll then head up into the Palisades section of Rock Creek for a good, beautiful 3 mile single-track loop through the woods. then back to the Canal for a short hop back to Georgetown. Meet up spot will be near the boat house at the end of K-Street. Parking can be found on M street or K street under the Whitehurst. Course map: https://onthegomap.com/?m=r&u=mi&w%5B%5D=Routes+may+not+be+suitable+for+walking.&c%5B%5D=Route+data+%C2%A92019+On+The+Go+Map%2C+OpenStreetMap+Contributors&d=9520&f=f9389a578e&n=1&dm=1&context=share&r2=eokj7txisE0BY2jC8X2Ct56Z6E~4I~3_1n74R254j12v17b3PX43F~1x6Nv27p17v26d36f1W1l3u4bDu2l8u5~Io2v6a1f247q1~3Qr1y4z7s2r3o9zB_2Z3Y3v2i2b2k4h3oEf9kAp6c6x3e4r2y3l22822Gc1Q_1lEWBsEl808A8AW10I84GOCC8I8AEQY1i1Y2UW1a1SKEIe3e161Mg1a1s1AG8O1g1Ii1ISq2a3g1Ka13QK8OMY1c3q3UKm2W1UIM1a28w1BIW1Ac1e1GQGW2QQKMY1E4C4PQFCv1Q0W18OGOAU4W1Bk11E6KGSCW1Oe3Gy22a1Bi29W19e2Ly14a1Eo14ADY12G2O6a1CG0i1Eg1Gk31W12Y11g1EW12_1Ks114DQLW12k13Od1q1FY1B4X1IPK1y126261W1Tg1PEBAV4VCVKBi1BOJw1LU0u2DGJ2Jw1HM743A2AHKAG0E8070R3~7Z1h4j1x5Nd3DX1Jz11Z2X1p3Dj4g2f6g4z5W4VOp1Y1r5i3n3Ab2UZ1Rh1E5QX30RDd1p1F6H40T9610n1Mh1Ib2GL2z14x[masked]t1El1Ob1Qb1e1FIHOVa1h1Qh1Ap195193F5f9d3JBNr1BA2Ot2e2HMLY1Fc17S1i1Cy71k[masked]CDCJ4L1F3B119D99D3j1030Z27B030042i30S1E0S3g2FY3l1k87c25y1FmA5g2Lo4NW4X1q4Fs129

Great Falls Gold Mine Loop

Stable Lane

For this run we'll be heading a little up river to Great Falls on the Maryland side. Its a great run on single track through the hills above Old Anglers and wide-water. There are some moderate rolling hills - nothing too hard - with some really good views of the Falls to make it worth the climb. We'll start at the trail-head above Old Angler's Inn, and connect to the main loop which goes past the old gold mine. Then we head out to the falls overlook, down to the Canal, back up for a short hill which will connect back to the gold mine loop. A few more twists and turns and we're done. Finally, a note on parking. The Angler's parking lot at the bottom of the hill fills up very fast - so it is highly advised that we meet at Stable Lane - which is the next street above the Inn, as there is lots of on street parking here. Official meeting place will be the north corner of MacArthur Blvd and Stable Lane. The trail head is about 100 feet up MacArthur Blvd. This being said, if anyone has *any* question, email me! All-in-all, this is a great, fun run through the woods with fantastic scenery and a chance to see some historic sites. https://onthegomap.com/?m=r&u=mi&w%5B%5D=Routes+may+not+be+suitable+for+walking.&c%5B%5D=Route+data+%C2%A92019+On+The+Go+Map%2C+OpenStreetMap+Contributors&d=7569&f=7847dc08b8&n=1&dm=1&context=share&r2=_e_j7hfhtE4DI4a28M4a1GIC292T5Z10RLx23d15d1Bd1Hh1Fl1M2M0u1DQ5c35W15c1DQJ214LBHKt1MJU5e1Fq1Z1K5IDGLC7k1NS3k1Ea10OEc1g1I6K9ONQ2U5k1JI9GPM5M6A28M4GIu1Ea1a1Io1AQ2Y15c1Au1NW19QLa19e1Z1IPa1f28Da1p3o1X3Id1Cr1W1Z2AZ1Qz1ABY1PC3y1020Q12F1D59E3M~1k1v2AR1L7Z10d1Af29~11Z2BX22x1b1t75b1BZ1Nb1RN715RJR3D2H4FGf12HPj13N0L4DEBc1DC9IT6BCF4X10R6VAF6J5HJH37DJHx2Bb1P~1VZ35V0P8T8z27PDd17JNJh1LJJ9J5Z16FI5C9MTE9c1Bk2f2y23g2VKFUj1i1n1e1JK321a1PCX11D077Pb1v1BR192ACSc1w18Q2A0CA0o1Lg11G9i1n1m1h1ATY1t2GZ1Ol1s1x1W1NI3i1CM5Y1342C2e1DU2Q2OEOAUKTJN9Sg18K0I7KBIHy1Li1Na2BW1d1c2Rc29e1JY1BW1BK76JKTG7878FM3a17URc2Fa1Fa17O3c10g27Y5Bw30m42K2K1Q24139INCP812T4b13V9n1l1F0JKFe1FCNCh1En14JELONGX1CF0TBL898BEBGNg1BAb1EDC3E0M4OQk11IFg13G1I4EKS6S82ECDB71F0z28D2x1Ed2Uf2GR1R7v10x19H1P1R1j2Ll1JL7l1Dn10R4NODQDi2Ro38e13Qd1e2HENITEPOT_11CB9RFb1JX13THt1Fj1TB1d15JAf14j3f1P1H7FJX15RQl1_2Da1041W17UHQAU4a12g3Pk27a1Hg19C1A28MOCi1FQRGNKj1W1Z1Kj1c1Z1c1X1y1Vw1FMRUFU3W12g13k12c13a1Ne37E52L2v1MDENi1BC60C4E4Q2G6AACKIe188C6C0s19g3Bk1DI2c3u1o1I84IAM2M0g19f1AL0L1Gm1Ii1Ce16e14e1My20S6a102

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C&O Canal to Glover Archbold Park

Boating in DC at Key Bridge Boathouse

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