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Ready to exercise while you gain life-changing insights, change in mindset, action plans, along with “matters of the heart” strategies? Learn to build or deepen your own self-love and confidence, move past fear and guilt to attract more Abundance on a daily basis.

For these SoCal Meetups, I'm offering topics from one of my latest programs. This TrailChat™ specific series offers a window into my online 360° program (coming soon) to help you Create the Life You Crave™. Experience a taste of this transformational platform out on the trail with me!

What do I refer to as Abundance? Well, this powerful word can have a very personal meaning to each of us. By definition, ABUNDANCE means a very large quantity of something or plentifulness of the good things in life; prosperity. My particular program has been designed to hit every touch-point in all areas of our lives. To spark awareness & ignite forward movement that’s all encompassing and LIFE-CHANGING!

Want more—LOVE?

More— MONEY?


More—SUCCESS...friends, respect, personal-growth?...

Leave the trail with:

Less— Guilt

Less— Self Doubt/Sabotage

Less— Stress/Anxiety

Positive Vibes. The common fundamental through-line & principles below reside in the concept that wherever our attention goes, energy flows. It’s all connected to our mindset & our action plans to achieve our goals. For these TrailChats™ I break down 7-topics that I have witnessed astonishing transformation within my clients.

TrailChat™ Topics Include:

1. I Am Love: Self-Care does NOT = Selfishness

2. De-Stress: A Mindful Approach to Less Anxiety & Worry

3. Dropkick Fear in the Face: Move Into Freedom!

4. Ditch the Guilt: Learn to Say No— and Set Healthy Boundaries!

5. Trust the Process: The True Power of Patience & Faith

6. Break Free from Victim Mentality & Dive Into Empowerment Mode!

7. Transform Your Vision Into Reality: 6 Steps to Fulfillment

Connect & Collaborate! I love mixing outdoor adventures along with learning and growing! It’s the perfect opportunity to get out of the lecture hall, conference room or from behind a computer monitor and go outside! Research (and my personal experiences) have shown that being outdoors—unplugging from our devices and connecting to nature – can decrease stress, increase productivity, open up our creativity, and allow ourselves the space to be vulnerable and in return true to ourselves to find solutions to what may be holding us back.

Find Your Tribe! You’ll have the opportunity to connect with other bright and beautiful souls who are also ready for change. Together we’ll break through walls & develop collective solutions while inspiring each other. This is also an opportunity to make new like-minded friends & establish camaraderie beyond the session. My goal is to keep the event's size small in order to give all participants an opportunity to share if they choose to do so in a safe space. I value your time/open hearts & asks that all group members respect/honor each other’s vulnerability/privacy & keep what is discussed on the trail.

Mix It Up! One of the great things about this program is that you don’t have to participate in any special order, as all of these topics go hand-in-hand with each other and are each an integral part of this process for positive change (and MANIFESTING).

CLAIM YOUR DISCOUNTED 1:1 TICKET: MORE INFO (http://www.changeitup.com/lifecoaching-services/trailchats-walkingworkshops)

Meetup Group Members receive a 20% DISCOUNT on all PRIVATE 1:1 TrailChats™.

Contact nina@changeitup.com to arrange a private one-on-one session on the trail. To learn more about collaborating with me and all of my private coaching and corporate consulting services, check out:

www.changeitup.com (http://www.changeitup.com/)

I'm a certified life & business coach, mindfulness practitioner & facilitator that offers various programs & activities throughout SoCal. I also offer corporate and private coaching consultation worldwide. I'm committed to help inspire you to not only embrace, but to CREATE CHANGE in order to truly MANIFEST the life you desire...to open up your own unique pathway that will ignite forward movement towards your own TRUE NORTH!

Let’s trail-blaze this new path together!

Grateful, Nina


Our popular walks/hikes take place at:

Towsley Canyon Park (LA County- SCV/Newhall)

Malibu Bluffs Park (LA County- Malibu/across from Pepperdine U)

Mandeville Canyon (LA County-Brentwood)

Coming soon...ORANGE COUNTY!

*Participation in all activities is at your own risk & no liability is assumed by the group or any of the organizers*

*Please Note: bookings are through here and FB events-so not all RSVPs are represented in this group and often times there are more total attendees than listed here :)*

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Burn Calories, Ignite the Mind and Soul- TrailChat with Nina Antinora

Towsley Canyon at Ed Davis Park on Calgrove

Burn Calories, Ignite the Mind and Soul- TrailChat with Nina Antinora

Towsley Canyon at Ed Davis Park on Calgrove

Burn Calories, Ignite the Mind and Soul- TrailChat with Nina Antinora

Towsley Canyon at Ed Davis Park on Calgrove

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