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Hello introverted business owners with a message to share and a trail to make!

Just because we are introverts doesn’t mean we want to create our trail alone.

This group is for introverts who want a successful business without having to pretend to be someone they're not.

Use this group to get advice from other introverts like you, learn, and get help on your journey.

Topics include: self-promotion that doesn't feel sleazy, living an authentically bolder life, resiliency, etc.

This group is run by Thea, a coach for introverted business owners. If you'd like to receive updates about classes, plus tips and insights on living fiercely quiet and authentically introverted as an entrepreneur, sign up for her newsletter (http://introvertology.com/sign-up-for-introvertologys-newsletter/), and get a PDF with social media overwhelm hacks.

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