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Trails Shrinks are people that like exercise, want to meet people, and believe in fairness. Trail Shrinks always have their hand out to help and never ostracize or ridicule others. In this complicated world where people have strong beliefs and deep fears, Trail Shrinks come to you to help you participate in the absolutely fake world of hiking. No one in this group will ever get a badge that says, Hiker! No, You will be considered a Trail Shrink because you are a really nice person possibly with colorful hiking clothing and enough energy to climb up mountains or to walk through cities. Occasionally there will be other events like parties, concerts, theatre, travel and THE Hikers Ball which will indeed be held yearly. This group is for everyone, all genders, whether single, divorced, married, or just not interested. Our goal as Trail Shrinks is to listen each hike and to also share what we may want to discuss. Every hike we cover some sort of current events. The purpose is to stimulate important conversations and to elevate the differences between people that have formed holding just one opinion. Yes, Trail Shrinks is about relationships and everyone's relationship with the rest of the world. There will be many people you like that come to the Trail Shrink Hikes and some that you do not like but that is just life and we ask that you refrain from insulting or gathering them at the burning stake. That just smells really bad.

Now I am going to tell you that we will meet at the time announced but we will always wait as a courtesy up to 10 or 15 minutes if we know someone is on their way. If no one is coming and they have not informed us in some way we will start promptly.

All subjects may be discussed and these include. Religion, politics, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Lighten up if you hear something you do not like. This group is for everyone to remember and it's even okay to disagree with everyone because that is what makes the world go around.

You agree to hold Trail Shrinks harmless by joining this group. You also take full responsibility for your own safety. Please be sure that you practice common sense when traveling or dining after events. Please do not ask how to prepare for an event. That is your responsibility. You can find reviews from other hikers online regarding the difficulty of a hike and there is plenty of advice about how to prepare and what gear to wear. One thing we will say is to bring plenty of water always and aspirin and a first aid kit are definitely helpful. Good luck with our group. Be ready to be nice and we hope you make some true friends and meaningful connections.

Always a rule with Trail Shrinks if you are married please no cheating. Safety in relationships is always a concern and you can bring all concerns to the organizers.

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Afternoon hike Ramapo Mtn 4 miles

Ramapo Valley Co Reservation

We will go up to the lake about 4-6 miles. Dinner will follow immediately after the hike. Pets are welcome No one gets left behind ever, We are not pro hikers and we discuss all types of topics that are often said not to be discussed like, religion, sex, Democrats and Republicans. Current events

Sterling Forest

116 Old Forge Rd

About a 4-mile hike with a beautiful view of the lake.

Walk the West Side Promenade at Near Christopher St Path

Hudson River Park - Pier 46

This will be a 1.5 hour moderate speed walk. The path is at Christopher so if you are on-time we can get it done and plan on a sweat. Easy commute for those from NJ as we start 3 blocks from the path train and we end there too. Dinner and drinks are optional. Lets get rid of the stress Get up and get out to walk and build up a sweat. No more silly small talk just walking and exchange your business cards. Communication with everyone is required. This is a business event, build your TEAM of contacts. Have a customer that is stressed sweat with them and see how a relationship can build. Here is some advice from a favorite blog 1. Communicate like a human-being Sometimes, when I’m speaking to a glassy-eyed, toneless customer service representative, I can’t believe the Japanese have finally succeeded at making robots look so human. What’s funny is many businesses make the mistake of training employees to memorize greetings, sales pitches and apologies, when all customers really want to do is communicate with you. When speaking with your customers, try to get face-to-face, make sure you use their names, make jokes and be polite but conversational. Avoid looking like a zombie and actually empathize and emote with customers. When using multiple communication channels, make sure the channels are organized and reliable. A study by Aspect Software found 77% of US consumers believe companies that offer multiple channels as part of their customer service are easier to do business with and 74% say they provide better service. So what are you waiting for? Every interaction with a customer is a great opportunity to focus on building customer relationships. Think about it from your own personal experiences for a second. When you start engaging with a company more than 10 times, you naturally start building a loyal relationship with them. It’s like anything in life. You build connections with people you spend a lot of time around, whether that is your friends, work buddies or family. Same applies when building customer relationships, it takes multiple interactions. Always make communication as seamless as possible, acknowledging, acting on and following up feedback where necessary. Today’s customers are no longer passive and they want to be listened to. Exceptional communication will improve customer service and give you that point of difference from your competitors. When it comes to using a human element to build customer relationships, Jason W. Roulston from Just Digital People knows exactly how to do it the right way. He does a really good job at communicating with his customers and relationships on a personal level via his Web Recruiter Blog, Twitter and Facebook. I asked him for some thoughts on the topic. Yep @RossBeard “Giving a damn is coming on strong in 2013”.— Jason W. Roulston (@theWEBrecruiter) September 3, 2013 2. Learn about your customer Building customer relationships is much like building rapport as a salesperson. Just like a good salesperson, you need to know your customer. You must remember the client’s name, their needs and wants, what kind of dog they own and so forth. The key to learning about your customer is to continue the conversation after the transaction. After the sale, do a little research on them. Connect on LinkedIn, find commonalities within your industries, connections, job roles and more. Start thinking about ways you can add value to them, whether that be through referrals, forwarding blog posts or offering training sessions. In today’s world the easiest way to differentiate your business is by the customer experience you deliver, not the products you sell. Continuously learning about your customer every time you meet will extend your customer relationship beyond ‘hi, how is your dog’, and will go a long way to improving customer service. 3. Live for customer complaints Negative feedback and customer complaints give you the opportunity to hear what your customers really think about your service. Complaints help you improve your service, give you a chance to redeem yourself and, keep potentially toxic reviews from hitting social media.

Venue change:Black River Cooper Mill

Black River Coopers Mill

Absolutely Gorgeous place to hike. We shall walk along the river and make this a 5 to 6 mile hike

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Hartshorne Woods-Rocky Point Lot through the woods to Sandy Hook

Hartshorne Woods Park -Rocky Point Entrance

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