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Lake Sylvia SP + Chehalis River Surge Plain Trail {Montesano}

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Estimated time-frame for today (Easter Eve): 8AM-6PM

Meeting up at 512 P&R: 8:00

Departure from 512 P&R: 8:15

ETA at Lake Sylvia SP: 9:30

Current forecast for Saturday (Montesano): Sunny. High of 67. 0% chance of rain.

Our plan:

State Parks are FREE today so we'll explore one of the most beautiful in the area on this Easter Eve day. We'll also head over to the Preacher's Slough area and hike the Chehalis River Surge Plain Trail. Both of these hikes are rated EASY.

Here is WTA's take on Lake Sylvia State Park:

Then..we will head over to the Preacher's Slough area along the Chehalis River, which is about 3.5 miles from Montesano, park at the TH and enjoy around 7 miles RT of beautiful scenery and wildlife possibilities along the Chehalis River.

(below: high tide)

(below: low tide)

hike description:

This easy (mostly gravel) trail is a converted railroad grade that follows a route along the edge of the “surge plain” of the Chehalis River, which is the place where the tide mixes with the fresh water. As you walk along the trail, you will find yourself puzzling over how the mix of saltwater and fresh water seems to work well in some habitats and not in others. Where is the line drawn, or the tipping point reached, that the salinity of the water is no longer hospitable for certain plants and trees? This 2,643-acre preserve contains the largest and best quality tidal surge plain wetland in the state. The site protects sloughs that wind through the site, providing important shelter for young salmon and other fish.

In the summer of 2009, eight years after this interpretive trail was established, the final work was done to create a 6-foot-wide, compacted-gravel surface the entire length of the trail. The trail passes through a variety of low-elevation, river-bottom habitat, with some large trees, including Sitka spruce and western red cedar. There are parking lots at each end, 3.5 miles apart, with informal fishing access at the end of Preacher’s Slough Road.

Directions: Drive west on Highway 8 and Highway 12 from Olympia (Exit 104 from Interstate 5) to Montesano. Exit Highway 8, south, at Montesano to Highway 107. Turn right on Preacher Slough Road, 3.5 miles from Montesano. Cross the trail and turn into the parking lot on the left. The trail crosses a slough on a bridge and continues 3.5 miles west to a smaller lot off Blue Slough Road.

Difficulty rating: 1 (1 is easiest, 5 is most difficult)

Miles round-trip: 7

Elevation: Minimal

Best time of year: Year-round

Map: USGS Central Park

Pass: None needed

Also: On all outdoor excursions, carry the 10 essentials and clothing appropriate and adequate to the conditions you might encounter. Montesano has restaurants for an after-hike meal or snack.

Please bring:

Water, lunch/energy snacks, day-hike essentials, comfortable footwear + a bag for muddy/wet pairs, clothing according to the forecast, binoculars and your camera!

Mike's cell|253-985-1992