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Train Your Brain, Master Your Life - Create The Life Of Your Dreams
“I want everyone I know to take this workshop! It’s fun, and so very helpful for understanding, our deeply rooted motivations, how the brain really works, and best of all, how to handle or retrain our brains to help us achieve peace of mind, happiness, and our highest goals of personal fufillment.” – Holly M., Desert Hot Springs To register and reserve your spot or to find out more information, go to our website for this event at: This workshop is one of our premiere workshop and is not available anywhere else in the country. With the use of fMRI, we finally understand how the brain works and have found that much of the understanding of the spiritual traditions regarding reality can now be backed up by science. In this workshop, we use the latest breakthroughs in the science of perception, memory, neuroscience/neuroplasticity, and quantum theory to give you the tools to transform every area of your life - relationships, health, work, finance, etc. You will see how you have unconsciously created your own personal "reality tunnel" that disempowers you in various ways and learn how to consciously modify it to open yourself up to a future of unlimited possibility that is everyone's birthright. You will see that you are the sole creator of your own reality and learn how to "rewire your brain" and consciously program your mind to create the new neural pathways to accomplish this. I encourage you to go to the link below to find out more about this cutting edge breakthrough workshop Note: A powerful one hour breathwork experience will be included as part of this workshop The early registration cost for this workshop is $149.00. To register or to find out more information, go to our website for this event at: and click on the "Register" page.

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Exact Address Will be Provided to those wishing to attend · Venice, CA

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This group will hold Meetups and Workshops that will teach you how to use the latest findings in neuroscience, perception, memory and quantum theory to Train Your Brain and Master Your Life to manifest the results that you want in your life and blow through your self-imposed limitations. We are limitless beings, it is just our conditioning and the lack of understanding of how the brain works that holds us back. Many of these concepts have been instinctually understood by the creators of the great spiritual traditions and now there is the neuroscience to back up what the spiritual traditions have known all along. You will find that your brain is a powerful creation machine that will open up magic in your life if you just understand how to work with it properly. We tend to spend lots and lots of time figuring out what we should put in our body and almost no time controlling or thinking about what we put into our minds or how our minds work. That does not make a lot of sense if you think about it!!

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