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Multi-dimensional frequency healing with guided meditation
This meetup is not for the faint-hearted; it is for people who are ready to consistently shift into higher levels of awareness. To do this we must purify our egos and anchor more electromagnetic light into our bodies so we can embody the shifts of consciousness we're making. It entails dissolving your conditioned beliefs and mindsets, releasing lifetimes of genetic distortion and anchoring what in Transference healing we call the interdimensional lightbody and merkabah system. Having been stuck for a long time myself in a shift I wasn't able to fully make, I understand this process very well and now I know why I had to get stuck with certain aspects of my journey. I have hidden myself away afraid of people's judgement and allowed my fear to stop me moving forward with this work. So, I'm asking if you're going to remain on this meetup group, if we can have some level of interaction. This can be through attending the meditation or group healings (in person or absentee as I record them) or by letting me know what it is you're looking for and how I can be of service to this community of spiritual seekers. I know what I can facilitate and it's truly magical but unless I can share it with people, it's not as exciting! I want to start sharing about this modality of frequency healing but as it's very comprehensive and goes deeply into the creative forces behind our existence, it can be confusing to explain to people and you really have to experience it to understand through the technology of the heart. So I'm requesting that if you don't really have an interest, please leave this meetup group so I can focus on the people who are. That's not to be nasty in any way. Anyone who wants to remain but doesn't really understand what the meetup is about, then send me a message and I'll respond as soon as I can. Thanks, Sinéad

Shamrock Drive

Muskerry Estate, Ballincollig · Cork


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Each night we will focus on an individual aspect of the principals, teachings and frequencies of Transference Healing®. This process supports the clearing of mass density for each group. A number of people come together as part of a small soul group, to work through a specific aspect together, providing a greater healing potential. Utilising the Transference Healing ® procedures and gridding techniques, frequencies and energies are filtered through from the universe. Each Group enters into a profound inner journey to experience their own personal revelation and shift. Attending a Soul Group Healing / Meditation night is usually a heart opening experience and a wonderful opportunity to unite with like-minded people of higher consciousness, in a sacred space.

If you are drawn to come but the cost is unfeasible for you, donate what you can on the night and find a way to pay it forward to someone else

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