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Let's get together and become aware of the conceptual framework and the practical tools for us to become Whole once again. Bringing the awareness not only through words, videos or images but from ones (all as one) own practice. Through awareness we recognize that we are the love and light. We as one are here to bring the awareness to all beings, and in knowing that our senses, blending together, shape our knowing of the world, and our participation in it from moment to moment. This is the beginning of the journey of gaining the Love and Awareness.

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The Journey of Realizing the Self begins with you
7-Week Online Group Journey

This 7 week Series Journey of Rediscovery is all about empowering your Souls existences. Bringing you into a space of feeling deeply connected to who you truly are. Being able to truly see the meaning of your Life's Unfoldment as a Divine Unique Soul.

Leaving you with a deeper layer of inner knowing through the:
Rediscovery of the Self
Understanding of your Souls Journey & Soul Purpose
Inner Journeys within your Inner World Landscape

Kati, will be bringing forth a 5,000 year old knowledge known as the "Science of Life" called Ayurveda, sharing the essences of Shamanism, along side of the studies & integration within her background of Holistic & Transpersonal Psychology.

Your Journey's Focus
Begins May 17 - Full Moon

Who & What is the Self within the lens of the Soul
Our Souls Journey & Soul Contracts
Layers of your Existences (Elemental, Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual)
Uncovering & Owning the tools within
Touching on Body Awareness (more in depth within Body Awareness Series)

Within the "Real Eyes the Self" Series, it is a Journey of Rediscovery. Where one will experience a deeper understanding of who they truly are. Providing a grounding point within their own existences.

No one else can define your Life's Journey but you for it is identified by one seeing it through their own True 'Real Eyes' of their Being.

Your Journey Includes
(7) 90 mins. Online Live Group Calls
Realization Tribe Online Group Page
Tools to assist within your Realization Journey
Bonus: 1:1 (60 min.) Soul Guide Session with Kati

Your Guide & Facilitator within your 7 week Journey:
​Kati Inez Mesa is the Founder of Love, Awareness & Purpose Healing Arts. As a Holistic Health, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor, Empowerment & Transformational Speaker, Mentor & Coach.

For 10+ years she has facilitated many gatherings throughout the US, Cuba, Peru & Colombia. Providing tools of empowerment, elemental body awareness, ancestral healing, inner child healing, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical healing and life purpose embodiment.

Within the 7 week Journey she will be bringing forth all of herself that has learned from her teachers within the Amazons, Cuba, Ancestral Roots, Tibetan Ayurveda, Buddhism, Shamanism, Holistic & Transpersonal Psychology.

For further information visit: https://bit.ly/REALEYESTHESELF

COST: $597

MAY 17,[masked]PM - OPENING
MAY 24,[masked]PM
MAY 31,[masked]PM
JUNE 7,[masked]PM
JUNE 14,[masked]PM
JUNE 21,[masked]PM
JULY 5,[masked]PM


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