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Sensational Saturdays: Qigong & Sound Healing at Glen Ivy Hot Springs
When was the last time you felt TOTALLY relaxed, blissed-out and happy? You deserve to feel that way EVERY DAY! Why not start by joining me for Qigong and Sound Healing at Glen Ivy Hot Springs? (Saturdays at 1 pm on the activities deck by the labyrinth near the entrance) I specialize in Women's Health, so you'll be learning immunity Qigong for your hormones, reproductive organs and breasts in addition to full body energetic cleansing. This class is not only for women, men will definitely benefit too! Come when the spa opens and make a full day of it! *My classes are included with admission fee to the grounds, which allows you to experience club mud, mineral bath, jacuzzi, swimming pools, wading pools, steam room and sauna in a gorgeous setting. Oh, did I mention the food to purchase is yummy? Underground grotto experience & massage available for an additional fee. NOTE: If you plan on doing the mud bath, bring an old bathing suit & flip flops you don't mind getting stained. I like bringing an old bathrobe, too. Yoga mats, towels, lockers and water are provided. At the time I wrote this, $70 covers your entry into the hot springs. My class is included in the fee. Prices subject to change. For the latest entrance fees & hours of operation, visit the website:

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

25000 Glen Ivy Road · Corona, CA


What we're about

Please note, I serve the Inland Empire, Orange County and Los Angeles areas!

If you are not in these counties, I offer Skype sessions, or we can discuss arranging a class in your area.


Are you tired of feeling stressed out because of work, personal life or difficult circumstances?

Would you like to feel like your muscles got a mini workout AND feel totally relaxed like you just got a massage at the same time?

Frustrated with pain, discomfort & symptoms that won't go away?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, come practice being "Healthy, Happy and Whole" with us!

At this Meetup, you will learn moving meditation (Qigong), sitting guided meditation through visualization, walking meditation and breath-work with us! Qigong is a slow Chinese martial art focused on healing the body, emotions and mind. "QI" means energy/life force & "GONG" means practice/cultivation.

Our technique makes Qigong easy to follow along. Steps involve controlled movement in conjunction with deep breathing, which helps balance the body by oxygenating the blood, improving circulation and reducing stress. With this powerful combo, you can get healthier or maintain wellness. Some practitioners claim they have totally healed themselves or reversed their disease/ailments! Studies have shown regular Qigong and meditation practice will reduce/eliminate stress and lower blood pressure. Practitioners state Qigong also improves respiratory/digestive/cardiovascular & lymphatic functions, immune system, balance, strength, energy levels, productivity, focus, confidence, metabolism and encourages weight loss.

We will also practice quick ways to energize the body. Together, we will create a more relaxed state or a heightened level of energy (whichever you need) that will carry you through the rest of the day.

Classes are for teens, adults & perfect for seniors!

(Healing Food Workshops to come in the near future.)

Kiyomi has a lot of knowledge about health and healing, but she does not claim to be a medical doctor. As with all forms of exercise, please let your physician know you're practicing Qigong as part of your self-care regimen.

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