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Weekend Shamanic Workshop - January 17 & 18 Woods Hole, MA - We all seek to create a life full of joy, health, purpose and abundance. Yet many of us, despite years of self-examination, therapy and personal growth work, continue to feel trapped by old thinking and behavior patterns. Come explore the patterns that hold and bind you and learn how to gracefully let them go. In this workshop, you will experience the power of Shamanic Energy Medicine to shift your story and create your new destiny. You will learn the powerful tools of Soul Retrieval, journeying, sand painting, fire, despacho and ceremony to shift the old story and create what you want. This is the first weekend of a four weekend series but it can be taken independently. Presented by Linda Fitch & Wendy Root. Linda is a well known brilliant teacher and shaman. It is a rare opportunity to have her here teaching. Wendy is a seasoned and powerful healer who blends many traditions, (acupuncture, shamanism, cranial-sacral therapy, sat nam rasayan, chinese herbs).

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