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Transforming Lives: NLP Hypnosis Coaching Montreal
Transforming Lives: NLP Hypnosis Coaching Montreal
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Somewhere in the greater Montreal area. · Montreal, qc

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Free parking in the alley behind the building. Please note: the building doesn't offer wheelchair access.

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Are you ready to unleash your personal power or help others do the same?

Coaches, hypnotists, counselors, and anyone who’s passionate about tools for personal growth will love…

Essential NLP is 3 Days of leading-edge discoveries and life-changing skills in a deeply supportive and entertaining space.

It’s a crash course in learning how to connect and communicate with the unconscious mind to empower people to be happier and more fulfilled.

And, of course, if you decide to use these inspiring tools to help make other people's lives better, we surely wouldn't tell you not to go for it! :)

After only 3 days of Essential NLP training you will be able to:

** Create Trust Connections with anyone in moments!
** Understand Secrets for influencing the Unconscious Mind!
** Leverage Hypnotic Language for Inspiring Results!
** Bring Resourceful States of the past back to life!
** Change States of Mind rapidly!
** Swish away fears and spin up Courage!
** Build Personal Power and Create Confidence at will!
** Create Empowering Beliefs with certainty!
** And much, much more!

Another thing you'll love is the unparalleled opportunity for personal growth because people experience many life-changing breakthroughs!

Our students get over fears, transcend limiting beliefs, and get help in so many wonderful ways.

Plus, Darren always demonstrates his Master Coaching Hypnotist abilities, so you will also benefit from his life-changing interventions, too!

Regular tuition is $697.00, but...

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Darren Miller is a Master Coaching Hypnotist and Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®

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