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Have you ever imagined a life free of money worries? How would you feel, being much stronger money-wise? What would your relationships be like?

This group is focusing on how you can make your finances thrive! - Get started HERE (https://beatewillma.com/moneyarchetypesquiz/) by finding out which combination of Sacred Money Archetypes® (https://beatewillma.com/moneyarchetypesquiz/) you are. This is an amazing tool as it encourages you to step into your very own strengths with money.


Beate Willma, PhD (London) is Denmark's first Certified Money Coach® (CMC) and also a certified Life and Business Coach trained in DK and the U.S. She dives deep with her - often creative and highly sensitive - clients to help them transform their lives towards balance and fulfilment, and to create a solid financial basis to live their mission from.

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