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Welcome! This is a new group, so join us and we'll schedule our first Meetup very soon!

The purpose of this group is to help you become aware - how we create our own reality through our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and past programming and how to CHANGE these and break the existing patterns so are able to find and stand in your power - start loving yourself, create and keep healthy boundaries, find your perfect relationship or workplace, let the past go, heal from trauma, or grow and expand personally.

This is not your average talk or get together group. We'll talk life and look at real life examples (maybe even from your life) and learn what exactly you can do today to eliminate your self-created fears, start believing that you CAN and attracting the life that you want.

Everyone is welcome, especially those who want changes in their lives, know that they're meant for more than what is now, want to grow, expand, shift their limiting beliefs, or toss their old childhood programming.

This group will be meeting once a month (and possibly more frequently depending on members' demands).

Please make sure to have your picture in the profile to have your request to join the group approved. This is a closed group, so only the members of it can view the content and member details; we want to have real people.

Location TBD, North Metro Atl.

Looking forward to meeting everybody!

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