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There's both a restaurant and a bar in the lobby, plus a series of convention rooms (called "salons") on a floor between the second and third floors. We could also meet up around the pool, or head off to the nearby Denny's. Here are some details about my plan: I recently learned that there's an unclaimed patch of land named Bir Tawil, trapezoidal in shape and over 2,000 square kilometers in size, between Egypt and Sudan. I suggest that we collect some startup capital, move over there, build some infrastructure, and notify the UN that there's a new kid on the block. "But," you might say, "isn't that place basically a wasteland with no natural resources except sand?" Well, yes, but if you really think about it, that same issue has never been a problem for Native Americans who live on reservations. I suggest that we take the "Indian casino" concept and turn the amplifiers up to eleven by legalizing all victimless so-called "crimes": drugs, gay marriage, ownership of military-grade firearms, everything. We basically set the place up as a tourism magnet, like Dubai but without the slave labor (note: we will probably need to build a small airport). To attract foreign capital and repay the loans, we can also make the place a tax haven and/or set up a Swiss-style banking system. When we finally have everything up and running, and the economy is stable, we can institute an official government policy of using tax dollars to fund genetic and cybernetic experiments. We'd also probably use the US Dollar as currency at first, but should eventually switch to an asset-backed currency. Unfortunately, most precious metals that were formerly used as currency are now subject to speculative bubbles and bursts. My solution? Use a metal that is valuable, but stable in value. I suggest Technetium; it can only be isolated by reprocessing spent nuclear fuel rods, making supply extremely stable, and demand is fairly constant as well because not many industrialized nations are experiencing population-growth. Stable supply + stable demand = stable value. We should also discuss whether we should stick to English or eventually migrate to Loglan or Lojban as an official language.