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Transhumans Beware - The Systematization is Nearer

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Who is taking on the following problem, related to meta-humans, which faces anyone who is, or intentionally becomes, "different", even when in an "enhanced" way, i.e., "too much" better... or just becomes wealthy and old?
I started in neuroethics by being invited to MIT in 2009 to lecture on a theory of mathematical meta ethics to program computers to avoid disaster with the technological singularity, and discovered something certainly worse and sooner. I now work in applied neuroethics, especially regarding attorneys using pseudoscience in psychiatry to use "hired gun" forensic psychologists who forgot their Hippocratic Oath to steal from the elderly and the "too much different". It is no longer "medicine" to side with an attorney and their clients to fight an elderly or "different" person. The psychiatry bible, DSM V, is about to come out filled with antiscience and pseudoscience nonsense, and an exponential explosion of abuse will result. Even the former chair of DSM IV is now against it all. Journals of psychiatry publish papers declaring nonempirical bases for categorization of behavior as "disorders" as both "legitimate and necessary". The systematization of psychotropic drug prescriptions by nonempirical attachment of the term "disorder" to any psychic category, and uncheked growth of this area of the legal system, is imminent. As fraudsters find out how to manipulate the system, they also spread the knowledge to each other exponentially fast. Elder abuse is no longer predicted to be epidemic, it is. A great systematization of control of people's minds, assets, and freedom is growing out of control of anyone. Becoming old is now something out of a horror hospital film, with no one in charge. The psychopharmaceutical industry and it phony "scientific" studies, is completely out of control. This will reach an even greater crisis state long before the inevitable technological singularity is near to happening. I suggest a meet-up to discuss that transhumanism will be impossible in these circumstances. Eric John Diesel[masked] [masked]